17 is a brand I picked up at Boots one day. It’s cheap and I liked the navy blue colour. The colour is True Blue but it’s actually more like a true navy blue.

The polish itself is a bit too thick I feel. I am reviewing this after  along time, so the consistency might have become thicker over time. But it’s not stellar. At £2.99 you get 8ml which is pretty good value for money.

It’s stays on relatively long, around 4 days before it starts chipping. The drying time is quick too. Although it’s a bit thick, the application isn’t streaky. With thicker ones I do feel that the overall finish is  a bit uneven and it just feels heavy on the nails. It’s not a feeling I particularly like.

It takes around 2 coats for an opaque finish which isn’t too bad.

Photos and swatches below!







Name: True Blue

Brand : 17

Colour : Navy Blue

Product Amount : 8 ml

Consistency : Thick

Finish : Semi-glossy finish

Coats : 2 coats to turn opaque

Application : It’s uneven due to the thickness

Durability : Around 4 days

Price : Around Rs. 240

Available at : Boots

Overall : 3.5/5




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