August 2013 List Love






Link Love – To Be Read

1. Time Reborn by Lee Smolin  – I mentioned this last month but I’m still reading it.

2. The Moon is Down by  John Steinbeck – It’s an incredible book about the German occupation of a small town during WWII but it’s told with such emotion, simplicity and humour, makes it a very unique experience. I love this book.


Link Love – Beauty & Fashion

1. Makeup Marlin – Marlin is a 25 yr old Japanese and has a no-nonsense make up blog. I love her clear swatches and concise writing. She has good YouTube videos as well.

2. Liana Beauty –  I actually found her blog through her You Tube channel (Amelia Liana) but I kinda like her blog a lot more. It’s  a good overall makeup, ootd, review etc blog.


Link Love – Tech

Somehow, this month I was really interested in Cryptography. Yes, I have phases like these all the freaking time. So I came across this company called Matasano Security who are basically white hats and they have an amazing Crypto Challenge. They email you 8 problems which you can solve in any programming language you want and email it back to them. Then they send you the next lot of 8 questions. It’s  a new way of learning a subject through practical problem solving and I’m still on my first set. :)



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  • adriana m

    nice picks. i like lianas yt channel as well

    • Xuvious

      Yea, I like her get ready with me type videos. ^_^