I wish bath and Body works was in India. The Body Shop needs some competition!

That said, I love their products and fragrances. I will describe more in detail below but the consistency and staying power of their moistuizers and body lotions is why I like them best. I’ve found that it precisely does what I need for my skin.

So I product I’m reviewing is from the Moonlight Path range. It’s the Triple Moisture Body Cream. The cream itself is extremely soft and almost like an emulsion. It gets a lotion form when it touches the skin. It’s non greasy but thick. You almost feel the heat trap in and some warmth when you put it in. It is so essential for winters! I use this in the summer as well, as the weather is quite dry. My skin feels soft instantly and this stays on for a good 8-10 hours. I don’t apply too much in the summers, yet the product doesn’t just disappear. This is great for dry skin but I would recommend something with a thinner consistency for oily skintypes.

The fragrance is floral, a bit strong but its really lovely. ¬†The key notes are French lavender, Lily of the Valley, musk etc. The fragrances fades after a while, so I don’t mind its concentration. However, since I wear perfume everyday, I can safely say that it isn’t overpowering,

I love the packaging. Its a big sturdy tube. You flip open the lid to see the nozzle. In such cases, the product always comes in excess and hardens around the surface. That does NOT happen here at all. The product comes out it very well without staying around the nozzle. It’s also quite easy to get it off.

The main ingradients for this cream are bran rice oil, milk proteins etc; so it is extremely hydrating.

Photos below!






Name : Moonlight Path – Triple Moisture Body Cream

Brand : Bath & Body Works – Signature Collection

Colour : White

Consistency : Thick creamy

Texture : Emulsion like but soft

Fragrance : French Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Oakmoss, Musk

Application : Over dry skin

Skintype : Dry

Ingredient : Conditioning milk proteins, Rice bran oil and Acai berry extract.

Product Amount : 275ml

Packaging : Tube with flip lid

Price : $12.50 ~ Rs. 625/-

Available from : Bath & Body Works

Final Rating : 5/5


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