I generally find that Benefit is a very overpriced brand with products you can find dupes for. But the liquid liner is a different story (for me). I have a very unsteady hand and using liquid liners scares me. The line becomes crooked, it bleeds, its isn’t too black etc etc. But what I really liked about Benefit’s magic ink liner is that it stayed in place, it lasted long, it looked resonably wet and didn’t dry up into pieces. Along with that, I love the packaging and the long slim handle. It makes a clumsy person like me with applying liquid liners with ease and accuracy.

Magic Ink is jet black in colour. When applied, it feels cool, smooth and not very heavy. I has a strange smell but only if you smell the bottle. The brush itself is a perfect size. Its easy to manage the thickness in application that you want but I suggest trying out an angle first before applying. Once on, it doesn’t budge and it’s waterproof. I wouldn’t say its safe to use on the waterline. I accidently (so clumsy of me) applied it to mine and it stung a bit.

The product in the bottle does last for long. It’s been over 6 months since I bought it and its still usable.

I got this at discount from eBay. No, it wasn’t a shady seller. I feel $20 is a tad too much for a liquid liner. I think its worth it if you get a deal on it.

Photos and swatches below!



The picture below is the swatch with flash.

The picture below is the swatch in natural light.



Name: Magic Ink Liquid Liner

Brand: Benefit

Colour : Jet Black

Product Amount : 0.08oz

Pigmentation : Highly pigmented

Consistency: Not as thick as gel liners but not runny like felt tip ones. It’s just right.

Finish and Texture : Wet, opaque and smooth. Doesn’t break up when dried or settle into lines.

Smudge-proof: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Waterline safe: No

Durability : Lasts over 10 hours.

Fragrance : Inscrutable

Price : $20 ~ Rs.860

Available at : StrawberryNET, ASOS.com (I think)

Overall : 4/5

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