Birthday Haul : Mac, Revlon, Carmex

So my birthday was on the 4th this month!! It was just a busy and hectic birthday and it’s already been a smashing month. But here’s some of the stuff I bought/got gifted for my birthday.


L-R | Mac Blush : Well Dressed | Revlon Eyeshadow Palette : Blissful Girl | Mac Blush : Peaches | Mac Superglass : Totally Bang! | Carmex Lip Blam : Cherry | Mac Superglass : Fab Frenzy



After my last haul, I haven’t been buying much. So it was nice to splurge a bit for my birthday! I’m 24 now… *sigh*. Not the happiest of feelings. I don’t feel 24 at all! I wonder if all birthdays hence forth will be like this.


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