Blog Update

It feels very odd to write here after so long, like going back to an old home or writing to an old friend you’ve neglected. I think my last post was in September and I’m back here nearly 5 months later.

Long story short, there was a personal matter that took up a lot of my free time and more responsibilities at work and travel. I had settled into a routine that consisted of no blogging and a very rare scroll through feedly which was hard to kick. I have more time on my hands now and I do miss blogging. But, I’ll be blogging at a new address.

When I started Xuvious back in 2012, it wasn’t solely meant to be a beauty blog. My first few posts were actually programming guides! I have over a 1000 posts here now, most of which are related to categories I don’t care to support (for bandwidth reasons) and migrate to the new site. I also want to use the server that Xuvious is housed on for other projects. So the posts here will stay as they are, and Blush Canvas will be a new start. The first post was a haul. Typical.

I’ll be updating it weekly so feel free to head over there and follow if you wish to do so. :)

I’ve missed interacting with you guys and just reading other blogs. I hope to get back into that soon!

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  • Clever Girl Reviews

    HI! Nice to see you back!

  • Alina

    Welcome back, will definitely check out your new website :) x

    Beauty with charm

  • Shannice

    Welcome back to the blogging world. I recently gave myself a fresh start so I understand how you can sometimes lose motivation!x