Bourjois Sweet Kiss Natural Lipstick in Rose Delicat

I’m loving this week, the weather’s been so awesome! I love it when it rains dead in the middle of summer!

Most consider Bourjois a drugstore brand but with the prices and overall quality I put it in the same group as mid-high end like Mac, Too Faced etc. Naturally, my expectations are higher.

The Bourjois Sweet Kiss Natural Lipstick range are (supposedly) made of all natural ingredients, creamy high pigmented lipsticks with a creamy satin like finish.

I have the shade 08 Rose Delicat which a medium rosy pink.  It’s not too bright and won’t wash out darker skin tones, very flattering on anyone. The warm tone also makes it a very wearable pink for formal places. I mainly bought it for the colour!

In the tube, the lipstick looks quite dry and a tinge darker. But it’s very pigmented and creamy when you apply it. One or two swipes and you get full coverage, also ideal for people with pigmented lips. I also like the satin finish. The lipstick doesn’t slip around much and it’s not too drying as well. It’s much more comfortable to wear over a lip balm.

It lasts moderately for 5-6 hours but overtime it can cling to dry patches. This stays on after a meal but it does fade considerably. The only other thing I don’t like about this is the scent. It has a very herbal and artificial plastic kind of scent which is annoying but you only get it while applying. I know those are two completely opposite things to describe but it’s just really weird.

I like the packaging a lot. It looks more expensive and it’s very sturdy. It’s similar to the other Sweet Kiss lipsticks but the colour is different. It also indicates the shade on one side which makes it easy to spot if you have a ton of lipsticks.

You get 3g for Rs.995 which is a expensive for a drugstore brand. As always, you can get this a bit cheaper if you look for sales and discounts. Overall, this lipstick checks out well but I feel the pricing is a bit excessive.

Photos and swatches below!

Bourjois - Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick - Rose Delicat 1

Bourjois - Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick - Rose Delicat 2

Bourjois - Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick - Rose Delicat 3

Bourjois - Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick - Rose Delicat 4

Bourjois - Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick - Rose Delicat 5

Bourjois - Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick - Rose Delicat 6

Bourjois - Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick - Rose Delicat 7

Bourjois - Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick - Rose Delicat 8

Mac Cosmo Lipstick 9

L-R | Mac – Cosmo | Mac – Fast Play | Bourjois Sweet Kiss Natural – Rose Delicat | Chanel Rouge Coco – Mademoiselle | Lancome Rouge in Love – Rose Rendez-vouz | Rimmel Colour Rush – Not An Illusion | Clinique Chubby Stick Intense – Curviest Caramel



Name: Sweet Kiss Natural Lipstick

Brand : Bourjois

Colour : Rose Delicat (08)

Product Amount : 3g

Pigmentation : High

Finish and Texture : Creamy

Durability : 5-6 hours

Fragrance : Herb like, not too fond of it

Price : Around Rs. 995

Available at : Slassy, Bourjois counters

Overall : 4/5

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  • adriana m

    it looks very pretty. nice shade. :)

    • Xuvious

      Thanks! ^_^

  • Magali

    Man, when you described the shade it didn’t seem all that appealing to me but it looks so fabulous in the pictures! I think I’m going to check this out in store. I do hate how much Bourjois has increased their prices in recent times though & I always find the fragrance annoying, especially on the ‘chocolate’ bronzer & bronzing primer. But at the end of the day they’re still pretty amazing products.

  • Rashi Ravi Ganguly

    SUCH a beautiful colour! But I don’t think the price is justified, esp. with the smell and the highlighting of the dry bits.

  • theknotstory

    thta’s a Gorgeous shade! pretty LOTD <3

  • Natasha Bhatt

    Such a pretty shade.. loved the packaging too.. very nice LOTD :)

  • nausheen

    The shade is so pretty, n it is looking prettier on your pout :)

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