Summer is here! And I hate it already! It’s so dry, I feel like I’m melting everytime I step out in the sun. An essential for this summer is definitely a light, long staying perfume!

Burberry Brit (for women) is one of my favourite perfumes for daywear. The fragrance is like a mix of vanilla, citrus and floral scents. It has a long staying power. It lasts throughout the working day but it’s not too strong an odour either. Won’t make people hate the smell, but it leaves a distinct scent which is always a nice touch.

I perfume is orangey-yellow in colour and bottle is transparent with white Burberry lines over it. The bottle itself is quite sturdy. I love the packaging! I’ve had this for over a year now, hence, it looks a bit worn out. I also keep this with me while I’m travelling. It’s mainly for daywear I suppose but it can easily transcend to night as well. It’s pretty versatile that way.

I bought this in UK. There are a lot of websites like, that ship worldwide but I’m not sure if they ship perfume. In any case, it’ll be available in India through or any of those websites with perfume flash sales. Perfumes are things that I only buy when they are heavily discounted; you can find so many so often.

Photos below.






Name: Burberry Brit for Women (Eau de Parfum)

Colour : Orange Yellow

Top : Lime, Iced Pear, Green Almond

Heart : White Peony, Dragée

Base : Mahogany, Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Product Amount : 50ml

Scent : Medium, not too strong.

Durability : 10 hours and eventually fades

Fragrance : Oh, I can’t describe it accurately but vanilla, floral are the dominating scents.

Price : £ 45. That’s the actual price but you can easily get it discounted. I know mine costed around 27-ish.

Available at :, Flipkart

Overall : 5/5


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