Butter London Nail Polish in Toff

A while back I got my hands on a bunch of Butter London nail polishes. They look stunning and so are the formulas.

Today I’m reviewing Butter London Toff which is a creme deep plumy brown. There is some dustiness to the shade which gives it a really sophisticated look. I really love the shade; it’s also a darker office appropriate neutral.

The quality is amazing as well. The creme polish is opaque in one coat, though you might prefer 2 coats depending on how big your nail bed is. The consistency is that perfect balance between thick and thin, it’s not runny, nor is it gloopy. I really like how smooth and evenly it spreads.

This lasts a week on me with just minor tip wear. Lovely formula, so happy with this. It’s exactly what creme polishes should be like. The finish isn’t very glossy but there is some sheen. It looks better with a topcoat.

These cost $15 for 11ml of product, so not the most affordable but the quality is worth it.

I do actually like the packaging, it’s very different. The bottle is wide with slim in depth. The rectangular cover comes off to reveal normal round top, similar to Chanel nail polishes.

If you’re in US, get these from Ulta when they have the 2 for $15 offer.

Photos below! The nail polish is with a topcoat in the images below. Also, the ink mark on my finger is from when I voted, so excuse that!

Butter London Nail Polish in Toff 1

Butter London Nail Polish in Toff 2

Butter London Nail Polish in Toff 3

Butter London Nail Polish in Toff 4

Butter London Nail Polish in Toff 5

Butter London Nail Polish in Toff 6




Name: Toff

Brand : Butter London

Colour : Deep brown plum

Product Amount : 11ml

Consistency : Thin

Finish : Creamy with a bit of shine

Coats : 2 coats.

Application : Smooth and even.

Durability : 7 days

Shelf Life : 24 months.

Price : $15 ~ Rs. 900

Available at : Ulta, Nordstrom

Overall : 5/5


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  • http://adorableshe.com/ nausheen

    Beautiful shade :)

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Thanks Nausheen! xx

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