Calvin Klein Natural Purity Long Pressed Powder in 104 Camel

Calvin Klein’s Natural Purity Long Pressed Powder leaves me baffled at the name choices. I find it ironic that a make up product has ‘natural’ and ‘purity’ in the name together. That said, the product itself isn’t as impressive as the name.

The range has an ‘ok-ok’ number of shades. I wish there were more darker shades. Using this is trickey. You use too less and there is no noticible difference. If it’s too much you end up looking too powdery. I generally put it on when my face has a lot of shine and I want it more matte. So I always put this on and then brush some off later with another brush.

It gives sheer to medium coverage. It’s buildable (at your own risk) but again you are let down by the staying power. It disappears after about 4 hours. I think it’s best to use this as a setting powder or for touch ups. For a round the clock perfect makeup, I wouldn’t recommend this.

The packaging is good though. It’s very clean and sleek. I like the magnetic snap and the mirror included with it. It’s sturdy and travel friendly. At the price I feel you’d be better off with a cheaper and better product. Calvin Klein products ALWAYS seem to be on discount so you have a good chance of getting this a lot cheaper. I bought this from eBay.

Photos and swatches below!









Name: Natural Purity Long Pressed Powder

Brand : Calvin Klein

Shade : 104 Camel

Product Amount : 9g

Coverage : Sheer

Consistency : Packed powder, very fine.

Finish and Texture :  You have to apply moderately for it to not look powdery.

Durability : Starts fading after 4 hours. Not good :(

Fragrance : Not noticeable.

Shelf Life : 24 months.

Price : Around Rs. 1800

Available at : I bought this from ebay but I think it is available at

Overall : 2.5/5

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