Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Giftease.com!

Yes kittens, it’s time to discuss that day of the year that people either love or hate!

I have to be honest, for the longest time me and my friends would go out and celebrate anti-valentine’s day on the 14th! We were adorable self righteous rebels! Now, we actually have someone to celebrate it with and it’s a corny money-biting affair!

I hate to admit it but you do eventually dry up for ideas and need help.

Giftease.com is a new online shopping site specially geared towards occasions and gifts. It’s a bit different from your usual shopping site in the way they’ve arranged it by events and also some of the features available once you login.


Website & Design

I found the website design to be quite good. I like the teal and red combo. It’s functional and clear, navigation works well and it’s not overwhelming. Menu is the most important thing in a website and they’ve done it well. I also like how they’ve included kids, teens and family in there. The search bar is also distinct along with the customer care number on top.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.07.35 pm

I like that they’ve arranged stuff by different occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversary, saying sorry, new born and even housewarming. The men’s section really helped me and there were a lot of cool contemporary quirky gifts! You also have a lot of adorable stuff like flowers and chocolates along with teddy bears! You find of ton of stuff from home decor to gadgets to apparel. You can also buy gift cards for other stores and spa vouchers. Valentine’s Day aside, there’s a lot here for every imaginable occasion and person.

The left sidebar has filters like age, brand, occasion, price range etc which makes it very handy to narrow down your search and choices. Each product thumbnail also has the discount and prices mentioned clearly. Quickview and Buy Now makes the experience easier if you know what you are looking for.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.08.14 pm

My favourite are the quirky gifts like shot glasses, drinking game sets, mugs with witty quotes and all! Now you don’t find these everywhere. 😉

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.14.31 pm


Other Features

  • Gift via email – They  have a new feature called ‘Gift via Email’ where you select the gift and give the recipient’s email id. They will receive an email telling them they there is a gift for them and they can enter their address and date preferences. It’s nice way to surprise someone!
  • Reminders – Once you create your account and login, you can set reminders for occasions.
  • Gift-wrapping – Along with free giftwrapping you can also choose various other types for a small fee like Rs. 30-70. I selected the free one with my order and it came with a nice pink bow (which I will keep for myself) !
  • Date of Delivery – When you checkout with your order, you can select the date  you want it to be delivered on. They also have Next Day Delivery available for certain items like flowers.
  • Gift Wiz – It’s a direct way to narrow down your search by first selecting an occasion, gender and age group followed by your price range! Very handy if you are in hurry.
  • Order details – When you place your order, you can view it in detail along with shipment invoices and tracking numbers.
  • Free Shipping – They currently have free shipping on all orders!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.25.11 pm


My Order and Experience

Right after placing my order, I got a confirmation email and further on I received an invoice once it was processed. I didn’t however receive a notification when it was dispatched. It would be really helpful if they added that in the future. Having to login and check back if it’s dispatched isn’t ideal.

So I placed my order with them on Friday and got in 3 working days which is good! It got delivered by Aramex which is quite reliable in my city, I don’t know if they use other courier operators though.

It came in a nice package with the teal plastic bag and bubble wrap on the inside. I don’t like it when there’s a fountain of thermocol released when you open up a box.


I’m not showing what I bought because I don’t want to spoil it in case my bf sees this but it came in a clean and neat box in good condition. It came giftwrapped as I mentioned before. Another important thing is, they also marked off the price on the tag. I like that they’ve given attention to details like this. I also got a Rs. 100 coupon for my next purchase!


Payment wise they offer Cash on Delivery in certain cities and the usual ones like netbanking, credit/debit card. They use PayU as their payment gateway, which is reliable.

If you have hapless friends/significant others who need a little help,  point them to Giftease!

Overall Rating : 4/5 OverallIt’s a great site to buy from but something basic like dispatch notification should be incorporated.

PS. Might I dare ask what your plans for Valentine’s Day are? :p


This is a sponsored post. Review of the site is 100% my honest opinion.



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  • adriana m

    nice but what are your plans honey? :):)

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Hahaha, nah not much just went out for dinner. :)