Chambor Cashmere Nail Polish

Muted pinks and purples are another favourite of mine. I feel like this pink is great to wear for office as well. It’s the Chambor nail polish in the shade Cashmere.

The name Cashmere has a nice ring to it and the colour feels very luxe as well. It’s creme polish in a muted dusty pink colour. In the spectrum of rosy pinks this one is warm and medium toned, not too light nor too dark. I’m in love with this colour! Looks very feminine and sophisticated. I feel like it would suit all skintones.

I’m not too happy about the quality though. It applies well enough but you really have to measure how much product you are taking onto the brush. The consistency is thicker for a cream polish and if you have too much or too little on the brush, you end up with a streaky application. It also feels heavy to apply a second layer. The overall effect is just not as even as I hoped it would be.

Depending on the nail surface you’ll need one or max two coats. It also requires some more time to dry. The finish is creme but not too glossy. Overtime it loses the shine and doesn’t look as good. A topcoat is a must with this polish!

This lasted well for about 4 days including tipwear but the overall not the best.

The brush is a medium one which is easy enough to use for edges. The bottle is tiny and cute,  you get 7ml for Rs. 270.

Photos and swatches below! FYI, I had to adjust colours in some pictures a bit to show the real shade. When I took these pictures it was very cloudy and they appeared more blue toned than they are. I’ve worn the polish without a topcoat.

chambor cashmere nail polish 1

chambor cashmere nail polish 2

chambor cashmere nail polish 3

chambor cashmere nail polish 4

chambor cashmere nail polish 5




Name: Cashmere

Brand : Chambor

Colour : Warm muted rosy pink

Product Amount : 7ml

Consistency : Medium

Finish : Creme

Coats : 1-2 coats.

Application : can be a bit streaky

Durability : 4 days

Shelf Life : –

Price : Rs. 270

Available at : SlassyMedPlusBeautyFlipkart, Amazon

Overall : 3.5/5


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