When Mulberry Alexa exploded on the scene, I wanted the watermelon one so badly!! Instead, I bought China Glaze Four Leaf Clover! The colour is a total dupe! And I love it!

When it comes to spring colours, I love pastel colour but I don’t think they look that good with my skin tone. Instead the slightly darker bright colours suit me more. This is definitely one of them! I have to give you a warning though, the colouring in the photographs is slightly off. I tried with 3 different cameras and all of them turned out more blue based than it is.  It’s actually more of a yellow based green. Another red flag, I clicked this on the 4th day after applying, as you can see, there is were little “damage”.

The consistency is so creamy, it goes on really well. It gives full coverage in one or two coats. The second on is needed just to make it a tad bit even but the polish is quite opaque. The finish is also semi glossy, I have not used a topcoat on this one. China glaze is a bit more expensive but this is a colour that had just the right amount of green, blue and yellow mix and I could find a more accessible alternative at the time.

I know 8ty8beauty sells China Glaze for less than $3. I’ve never bought from them but I’ve read many reviews and although the site looks very 90’s web, the store is reliable. If you’re just trying out China Glaze and looking for good colours, I would recommend this. :)

Photos and swatches below!







Name: Four Leaf Clover

Brand : China Glaze

Colour : Emerald Green.

Product Amount : 14 ml

Consistency : Creamy

Finish : Creamy and semi-glossy finish

Coats : 2 coats to turn opaque

Application : Streaky if you apply 3-4 coats. But otherwise, it goes on smoothly. Brush is narrow.

Durability : 5-6 days and no chipping!

Price : Around Rs. 450

Available at : 365 Gorgeous

Overall : 5/5


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