Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Ginger Pop

There are  a few blushes that are in their own league, ones I’d repurchase without a second thought. This is a new addition to that!

When this was released, I remember feeling excited with the promos, I knew I had to try these out. The reviews started trickling in and it was all I hoped for, I tried it myself and it’s a happy marriage. :)

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Ginger Pop brings out the makeup romantic in me but aside from that it is a really great blush worth trying. The colour is a muted coral, it looks very earthy and I think that makes it more understated.

The blush is quite pigmented, I’d say more of a medium pigmentation, but it’s very easy to build up or sheer out depending on your liking. The consistency also seems like a hybrid between a cream and powder (perhaps more on the powder side). While applying it blends very easily and feels like a cream to matte formula, but it looks very silky.

The finish it gives is more satin rather than a powdery matte one.The lasting power is very impressive! I’d say it stays strong for 8 hours on me without fading, beyond that it’s very much still there but does start to fade.

What I like best is the price! Granted, when it comes to drugstore blushes it would seem quite steep, but compared to other high-end blushes, which are equally good, this is a steal at $21 for 3.5g of product! Also, you can’t ignore the pattern of daisies, it’s very uplifting to look at. :)

In India, you can get this at Clinique counters or at Sephora for Rs. 1,200.










Name: Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Ginger Pop

Pigmentation : Very pigmented but easily blendable

Longevity : Around 8 hours.

Price : Rs. 1,200 ~ $21

Available at : Sephora, Nordstrom, Clinique, Neiman Marcus, Clinique (India)

Overall : 5/5


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  • Lorraine Haigney

    These are my favourite blushes ever! I still haven’t made it to the counter to swatch the new shades, dying to try one on!

    • Xuvious

      Me neither! I think there’s a purple one as well!

  • Linda Libra Loca

    They are just so cute! I love to look at the at the counter, but so far I have resisted.

    Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Xuvious

      I want to check out the new shades at the counter, have resisted buying more so far as well. :p

      • Linda Libra Loca

        We can be proud of resisting. Maybe we should reward us with some new blushes 😉

  • Divya

    I absolutely adore this too! Ginger pop leans slightly more pink than peach on me but its grown to be a BIG favorite! :-)


    • Xuvious

      It’s a tricky colour, also depends on lighting I suppose but it’s lovely nonetheless. :)

  • Kiss & Make-up

    This is such a pretty one! <3

    • Xuvious

      I love the daisy pattern, so uplifting. :)

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  • annie lee

    that’s a beautiful natural shade – i’m all in for natural cheek colors :) thanks for sharing!

    • Xuvious

      Glad you like it Annie! ^_^

  • Jaa

    Clinique makeup is always so reasonably priced and I’ve come across some really good items in my makeup wearing years. However, I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t owned a single one of these Cheek Pop blushes!! What’s wrong with me?! I mean Ginger Pop is absolutely a stunning shade. I should be convinced and added it to my cart already! LOL

    • Xuvious

      What?! Guuuurl, you need this in your life. I’m already imaging extraordinary Hello Jaa photos of the flower pattern… 😉

  • How Does Dee DoIt

    Aaah yes good ol ginger pop. Love it too! I dont know if I got a dud though but mines just not AS pigmented as everyone claims :s I have to build it quite a bit . still LOVE the colour tho! How have you been girl!!

    • Xuvious

      Hey Dee! I miss your posts! I’ve doing ok, work is bit more demanding now. :/
      I don’t think these are THAT pigmented (like Sleek) actually, which I prefer. It’s similar to Tarte and Nars where it’s more buildable but the colour doesn’t disappear, if that makes any sense.

  • nausheen

    You look so cute in that pic:)
    The blush seems good….love the flower design it has on it :)

    • Xuvious

      Aww, thanks Nausheen! The design is definitely what drew me to it. :)

  • Corinne C

    This looks lovely. Your skin looks so glowy!

    Corinne x

    • Xuvious

      Thank you! Very much appreciated by my highlighter. 😉

  • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    I have Ginger Pop as well, and it’s so great that I got Berry Pop, too! You are right: this is a coral that is easy to wear. I love how natural it is on you :) Still waiting for the new shades to land here in Belgium, but I’m not sure I’ll get any because they seem paler.

    • Xuvious

      Yes, the new shades seem nice in the promos but I don’t think they’ll really suit me.

  • MizzJ

    I love this type of dusky rose. It looks so natural on everyone!

    • Xuvious

      Yes, very true. It’s right among my top favourites like Tarte Exposed or Nars Douceur.

  • Kristen / Glambunctious

    You’re so pretty! I love Ginger Pop on you! I have Heather Pop and have strong feelings of love towards it, lol!

    • Xuvious

      You’re making me blush Kristen! :p
      I’m rarely excited by a blush (that generally happens with lipsticks), but using this blush is just so uplifting. The entire experience is so easy and seamless (if that makes any sense).