Dior J’adore Perfume

I can’t believe the weekend is almost over. The weeks go by so quickly!!

Today I‘ll be trying my best to review Dior’s J’adore!

The fragrance is like floral and a slight hint of rose, also a bit fruity. Overtime though, the scent turns more woody when it lingers. I’ve used up quite a bit of this already but J’adore is something I can even wear during the day. It’s not a very heavy scent despite the mix of rose, floral and wood.  It’s more like a muted Lady Million for day wear! :)

I’m not in love with this scent, like my Burberry Brit. But the scent adds more sophistication. It typically does last all day but it’s not a very strong scent either.

I love the packaging. It looks gorgeous! It’s very easy to hold and surprisingly, an ease to fit in your travel bag/purse too.

The price tag is huge but perfume sales are ALWAYS going on somewhere. So I suggest you wait for the right bargain to come along and then buy this. :)

Photos below!





Name: J’adore (Eau de Parfum)

Brand : Dior

Colour : Honey Gold

Top : Lemon, Landarin Lrange, Lrapefruit

Heart : Jasmine, Jose, Tuberose

Base : Vanilla, Wood like

Product Amount : 30ml (Also available in 50 and 100)

Scent : Medium, not overwhelmingly strong.

Durability : All day

Fragrance : Like a mix of floral/fruity scents with a woody base.

Price : £ 43 ~ Rs. 3440 (for 30ml)

Available at : Escentual.com, Flipkart

Overall : 4/5


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