Ebay Shopping Guide for Makeup, Nail Polish and Random Stuff

I’m finally taking the time to write this all down. When I first started with eBay (over 3 years ago), it was very overwhelming. I’m hoping this will serve as a good guide for newbies and/or just for people to discover new sellers.

There are a couple of important things I want to mention first though.

  • All of the sellers mentioned here ship worldwide but there are at times certain exceptions like Russia, Brazil or Italy. Definitely check the product description.
  •  I’ve also purchased from all of them before and I’ve had a good experience with them. I’ve received items within a month and in good condition. If it’s shipped from US it should take 20-25 days. 10-15 days if you’re in Mumbai or Delhi but more days in other cities. It takes upto 30 days if it’s from China or Korea. So you need to be very patient and have a little faith in your postman. :)
  • Another important thing is that while I reside in India, I opened an account at eBay.com, not eBay.in. This gives you access to more sellers as I generally tend to buy products that aren’t shipped from India. You also don’t have to go through that global easybuy result everytime.
  • I also setup an Indian PayPal account which is very easy to do as long as you have a Debit or Credit Card. I’ve written more about this towards the end of this post.
  • Most of US sellers will ship with USPS First Class International Mail/Priority. This has tracking but only upto the last US port. Beyond that there is no tracking and it will arrive with your regular post. This generally takes 15-20 days  if it isn’t held up by customs. Depending on the item and seller this cost varies from $5 to $12.
  • When you buy multiple items from the same seller, ask for a quote first, don’t directly pay. They will generally reduce the shipping price.


US Drugstore Makeup

This includes brands like Revlon, L’oreal, Maybelline, Nyx, Wet n Wild etc. Why buy these from US? Because you don’t get Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids, all shades of Revlon lip butters and all that jazz in India. You might just get them cheaper on eBay too.

 joy017/Joy Cosmetics – US Seller – Nyx, Milani, Real Techniques, Eco Tools, Ardell, Kleancolor. They ship quickly and might give you a free gift! I got a Nyx eye pencil. :)

onelasttouch – US Seller  – Revlon, Maybelline, L’oreal, Carmex, Disney, Hello Kitty, HardCandy, Khroma Beauty, Rimmel, Physican’s Formula etc. I’ve bought the most from this seller. They also sent a toffee as well. :p

702MustHaves – US Seller – Revlon, EOS, Jordana, Elf, Physican’s Formula etc


Korean and other Asian Makeup Brands

This includes brands like Etude, Missha etc.

rinishop – Korean Seller – Free Shipping – Etude, The Face Shop, Missha, TonyMoly, Lioele, Innisfree,


Nail Polish Heaven

Brands included are Essie, Zoya, OPI, China Glaze, Sinful Colours, HardCandy, Revlon (the ones not available in India). OPI, China Glaze release polishes really late in India. If you want latest stuff, you need eBay.

cbnailstore428 – US Seller – Essie, OPI, China Glaze, Jessica, Orly, CND, Color Club. Also all professional nail stuff.

 joy017/Joy Cosmetics – Nyx, Milani, Kleancolor

onelasttouch – US Seller  – Sinful Colours, Revlon, Sally Hansen, LA Colors

BuyDailyDeals – US Seller – OPI, Essie, Orly, Jessica, China Glaze

702MustHaves – US Seller – Revlon, HardCandy


Makeup Storage

Acryllic make up storage from China. So pretty! ^_^

ebay shopping 1

Roovee – China Seller – Free Shipping – I bought the unbranded acryllic boxes from here. They aren’t a top rated seller but I’ve bought from them twice.

hkc_11 – China Seller – Free Shipping – I bought false nail board tips like these but you get a lot of random stuff here like glitter, studs, nail soaks, Birkin bag look-a-likes etc.


Cute Notebooks and Diaries

I like Korean planners and diaries, there so adorable!

FairyCloset – Korean Seller – Free Shipping – Dairies, Notebooks, Journals, other Korean stationery.


eBay and PayPal

Most worldwide shippers will only accept payments from Paypal, so it’s kind of assumed that you have one. Setting up Paypal is very easy. If you’re using a Debit/Credit card you enter your details and Paypal will make 2-3 transactions which you have to verify. It can feel tedious but once it’s setup, shopping is so much easier.

If you shop from StrawberryNet, CherryCulture etc you can use Paypal there as well. There’s also the matter of safety and Paypal has very strict and well maintained ways of dealing with fraud, reversing payments and conflict management.

Ebay also has a good 45 days  consumer protection guarantee. So if you don’t receive your product within 45 days, you contact the seller and try to resolve it. If they refuse to refund you, take the complaint to eBay and they will resolve it. I’ve had to do this once. I had ordered a fandom tshirt for my bf and it didn’t arrive. Luckily the seller was nice enough to refund quickly so I didn’t have to escalate it.

But as a rule, I only buy from Top Rated Sellers as far as possible. If not, I check their feedback upto last 6 months which should atleast be above 95%.


Whew! So if you have more questions let me know! I don’t really buy clothes, shoes or gadgets from eBay but if and when I do, I’ll update it. :)

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