Essie Lilacism Nail Polish

Essie makes some of the best polishes especially when it comes to creamy finishes. I was on the hunt for a perfect lilac nail polish and it came to a spot when I spotted this one!

Essie Lilacism is that perfect lilac which, as the name suggests,  isn’t too pink nor too blue.

The formula is great, it glides on easily. It does not  apply streakily or form bubbles in any way. The consistency is very creamy but not too thick or runny.

I did find that this isn’t last on me as long as the other Essie polishes I’ve tried. It stayed on well for about 4 days and the tipwear was more frequent that usual. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t as good as I’ve come to expect from Essie. The finish is glossy to an extent but you’d need a topcoat for a better finish.

The brush is medium size, similar to China Glaze and the packaging is sturdy. With about 15ml of product, this lasts well.

I love wearing this colour for spring! Now’s the perfect time to bring it out!

Photos and swatches below!

Please excuse the nail polish marks on the bottle. I had a bit of a mishap where a bottle broke and splattered paint over other polishes. >.<

essie lilacism nail polish 1

essie lilacism nail polish 2

essie lilacism nail polish 3

essie lilacism nail polish 5

essie lilacism nail polish 6



Name: Lilacism

Brand : Essie

Colour : The perfect lilac

Product Amount : 15 ml

Consistency : Medium creamy

Finish : medium shine

Coats : Turns opaque in 2 coats.

Application : Smooth, not too streaky

Durability : No chipping for 4-5 days

Price : Around Rs. 450-500 when I got it.

Available at : Flipkart, BeautyBay

Overall : 4/5


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