Essie Watermelon Nail Polish

Happy Diwali folks! I hope you all have fun on this long weekend (let’s be real, that’s the best part)!  There is so much yummy food to eat, it’s heaven! ^_^

I’m reviewing Essie Watermelon nail polish today. I’ll be honest, my photos do not do justice to this polish. The colour is so beautiful, you really have to see it in person.

Essie Watermelon is bright fuchsia red colour. It’s like that elusive lipstick which you can never tell if it’s more red or pink. A similar dilemma here. I personally think it’s more pink, but feels like a more sophisticated pink due to the red in it. I feel this a colour you can wear all year round.

The quality of this one is top notch. I’m generally a bit wary of Essie’s creme finishes but this one is a one coater and lasts well. The consistency is thin (not sheer) but it still spreads evenly on the nail.

The finish is creme with some glossiness although a topcoat certainly enhances it. You get general tipwear after 4 days but overall I felt this lasted well for 5 days.

The brush is medium width and overall the packaging is quite nice. You get 15ml of product for $6-8, around Rs. 450 depending on where you buy.

I bought this from eBay but I really wish there was an Indian site I could get them from. They’re all available in small collections on certain websites. The latest is but their pricing is outrageous at Rs. 990. Please let me know if you’ve found a new Essie haven! I really want to buy For The Twill Of It.

Photos below!

essie watermelon nail polish 1

essie watermelon nail polish 2

essie watermelon nail polish 3

essie watermelon nail polish 4

essie watermelon nail polish 5

essie watermelon nail polish 6




Name: Watermelon

Brand : Essie

Colour : Reddish pink

Product Amount : 15 ml

Consistency : Medium creamy

Finish : Creme

Coats :  Opaque in one coat

Application : Smooth and even

Durability : No chipping for 5 days

Price : $8 ~Rs. 500

Available at : BeautyBay, eBay

Overall : 5/5


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