Faces Cordovan is a gorgeous nail polish. I had been looking for a brownish red colour for a long time. I popped into the Faces store two months back and when I saw this, we just clicked!

I’ve tried some Faces nail polishes before. The quality is pretty uneven across the range you do take a chance. Shimmer Peach is another Faces polish that I love. This one turned out to be for the better. The polish is creamy and not too thick. You do need 2 coats to get the application even and opaque, However, there is no streakiness or bubbling. I don’t quite like the finish. It isn’t too glossy nor is it on the matte side. But you do need a topcoat for this. It looks a lot better with it. I am wearing Revlon’s topcoat in the photos below.

But the colour just beautiful? It’s a lovely burgundy shade. It looks like wine sometimes in the light. I love it!

The packaging is good in its square glass bottle. The brush is thin though. I like thicker ones better, makes it easier to apply for me.

It stays on well for 3-4 days and then there is some chipping. You would need to reapply if you want to to be perfect throughout the week. But at Rs. 199 you get a really decent polish in a pretty alright quality. There are better polishes out there but for the price, it’s quite alright.

Photos and swatches below!








Name: Cordovan (06)

Brand : Faces

Colour : Dark mahogany (red brown)

Product Amount : 12 ml

Consistency : Medium

Finish : Very creamy with little gloss.

Coats : 2 coats to turn opaque

Application : Even application

Durability : About 3-4 days

Shelf Life : 24 months

Price : Rs. 199

Available at : MedPlusBeauty, UrbanTouch, HealthKart, StyleCraze, Faces stores etc

Overall : 3.5/5

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