February 2014 List Love

I haven’t done one of these posts for a long time, my first one for the new year!

2014 has been incredible so far! I’ve already travelled so much and there’s more to look forward to! Here I have the pretty umbrellas from the Jaipur Literaure Festival! I post more stuff like this on Instagram.




Link Love – Books

01. The Northern Clemency by Philip Henser – He’s such a well spoken and hilarious author. The book is exactly that! I’m still reading it but I really like it so far.

02. Justice : What’s the Right Thing To Do? by Michael J. Sandel – He’s a Harvard faculty member. It’s a non fiction book about economics and how morality can work together and basically about everything that’s wrong with our society today. It’ a good read, might do a review on it soon.


Link Love – Beauty & Fashion

01. Happy Treasures – My girl here has a kick ass You Tube channel! It’s helpful to see people with similar skintones to get a better idea of what makeup can suit you.

02. Madame Ghost – I’ve been lurking on Tumblr a lot and this fashion based webcomic is amazing!


Link Love – Tech & Apps

01. Another Case Solved – New iphone mystery game I’m addicted to! Takes a while to get used to coz it’s a bit wacky but I like the storyline!


In other news, I updated my travel blog with some photos of Denmark! Next up is on JLF 2014!

I miss Goa. I want to go back already. :/


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  • adriana m

    you read so much!!! the youtuber is nice :)

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      I really like her tutorials. ^_^

  • http://kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.com/ Kiss & Make-up

    I’m going to check out Happy Treasures! :-)

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Hope you like her channel! ^_^