February 2013 List Love

February is for Fashion Week! The collections have be so gorgeous and beautiful. With such a busy schedule, I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the shows but I’m trying my best!

This is also a month for a lot of hauling! Those posts will be up soon too!




Link Love – Books To Be Read

I had been to Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 and I got a ton of good books to read.

1. Taming the Gods – Ian Buruma

2. The Mysterious Mr. Jacob – John Zubrzycki

3. Season of the Rain-Birds – Nadeem Aslam

4. Dark Hope : Working for Peace in Israel and Palestine – David Shulman

5. The Pope’s Rhinoceros – Lawrence Norfolk


Link Love – Beauty & Fashion

1. MoonRiverStore – I found this store thanks one of Strut120’s neat lists. You get Diptyque candles here!! They’re expensive and I’m on a self exercised shopping ban at the moment. But I’ll be getting Bains and Feu de bois soon enough!

2. KofyKat – Another cool make up blog I want. He writing style is very to point and concise.

3. Megha Sarin – Megha Sarin, a fashion blogger has a brilliant and funky sense of sense. Be sure to be prepared for a riot of colours and neons.


Link Love – Tech

1. VFX Soldier – This is a topic very close to my heart. With the recent outbursts by VFX artists at the Oscars, I found a lot of non VFX folk very perplexed by what the big deal was and why the artists are so angry about it. I highly suggest you read this blog to understand this industry and the problems faced.

2. Kinetic JS – I’ve been experimenting with this to make interactive games. I love it!

3. SASS – I’ve also been using SASS for  a new project. It’s an object orientated way of writing CSS. God Sent! It makes managing css for big projects such a breeze.



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