Forest Essentials Bath & Shower Oil Indian Rose Absolute

Have you ever had a time when you come home all tired and just wanted to get clean and sleep? You just jump into the shower, get feel freshed now you just want to skip your post bath rituals and sleep; a lazy soul like you needs a bath and shower oil!

These are always marketed as a luxury item where you want to feel relaxed, the aroma is supposed to sooth you etc. Honestly, I don’t know how a bath product can relax me but I do like a product where I don’t have to spend 5-10 minutes moisturizing my body when I’m very very tired and sleepy.

Forest Essentials Bath & Shower Oil in Indian Rose Absolute is amazing! This is the very first bath oil I bought and I love it! I don’t use  a tub anymore, water conservation and all that but I use it over wet skin towards the end of my shower. After the bath I just use my face cream and hit the pillows.

It’s a weird feeling when you put oil over your skin, it feels very supple and soft. After massaging this all over my body, I generally put water over it again just to wash away any excess oil, but most of it obviously stays on the skin.

If you can’t guess by the name already, this smells like roses. You feel like you’re covered with rose petals and the scent faintly lasts till morning.

This lasts a very long time. After a 10 hour sleep, I wake up with lovely soft skin. I’ve never used this during the day though, only at night.

I’ve used this once every week or two and it’s lasted for a couple of months with still around halfway to go. But since it’s winter now, I think I’ll be using it more often.

The ingredients are all natural using various oils, you can see the detailed list below.

I’ve found a winner here! Once I’m done with this one I also want to try some of the other Forest Essential Shower oils; probably the only Forest Essentials product I will repurchase.

You get 200ml for Rs. 1295 but since it lasts you a long time, I’m fine with shelling out that amount.

Photos and swatches

forest essentials bath and shower oil indian rose 1

forest essentials bath and shower oil indian rose 2

forest essentials bath and shower oil indian rose 3

forest essentials bath and shower oil indian rose 4




Name : Bath & Shower Oil Indian Rose Absolute

Brand : Forest Essentials

Colour : Light yellow

Consistency : Oil

Fragrance : Roses

Application : Use over wet skin while in shower or pour two capfuls in warm bath water.

Skintype : Any

Product Amount : 200ml

Shelf Life : 12 months

Packaging : Plastic Bottle with cap.

Ingredients : Cold Pressed Organic Sunflower Oil 40%, Cold Pressed Organic Sweet Almond Oil 20%, Cold Pressed Organic Apricot Oil 15%, Cold Pressed Organic Avocado Oil 15%, Rose Absolute Damascena 5%, Gokharu 3%, Deodaru 2%

Price : Rs. 1295

Available from : Forest Essentials, Pernias Pop Up Shop

Final Rating : 5/5



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  • Arunima Singh

    Wow this product sounds so soothing and relaxing…!!!! I love to take a nice warm leisure bath after a tiring day…!!! Nice review :-)

    • Xuvious

      Thanks! You’ve summed it up perfectly! ^_^

  • adriana m

    i dont use these bt sounds nice :)

    • Xuvious

      It feels great to use it in winters. :)