I don’t quite remember where I got this. But it’s tiny and effective. I used it on the go when I needed a moisturizer. It has a lovely aloe vera fragrance which isn’t overly strong.

It isn’t the most hydrating cream in the market but it stays on well for 5-6 hours I guess.

It’s cream in colour and gel like in consistency. It feels quite cool when you apply it as well.

Photos below!







Name : Body lotion

Brand : Forest Essentials

Colour : Off white

Consistency : Thick gel like

Texture : Soft

Fragrance : Aloe Vera and neem

Application : Over dry skin

Skintype : Any

Ingredients: Soybean oil, cottonseed oil, olive oil

Product Amount : 30ml

Packaging : Tube with flip lid

Price : No idea.

Available from :  –

Final Rating : 4/5


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