Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream Sandalwood & Saffron

Finally, a Forest Essentials product I like a lot! I finished using this 2 months ago and realised I still haven’t reviewed it. After the last two Forest Essentials products I used, I wasn’t too keen on them. But I was surprised and quite happy with this one.

The Night Treatment Cream in Sandalwood & Saffron is a really rich and thick cream. I used this at night after cleansing and my skin was still soft the next morning. It’s cream/ecru in colour and feels really soft.

This gets absorbed pretty quickly and there’s no sticky or greasy feeling. Despite being really thick, it doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. It instantly makes your skin feel really smooth. As I have dry skin, I felt it was quite suited for my skin type. I’m not sure how well it would fare for oily/combination skin. This is very ideal to use in winters and dry weather.

I’m also crazy about the sandalwood scent, it’s freaking amazing! How often do you find a sandalwood scented cream?

The packaging is really luxurious and pretty. The tub is of glass and is heavy, not really travel friendly in that respect. The lettering on the golden lid does fade or wear eventually.

This is expensive and I’m not sure I’d repurchase it right away, but it’s a good product in my book. You get 50ml for Rs. 1495.



forest Essentials night treatment cream sandalwood and saffron 1

forest Essentials night treatment cream sandalwood and saffron 2

forest Essentials night treatment cream sandalwood and saffron 3




Name : Night Treatment Cream Sandalwood & Saffron

Brand :  Forest Essentials

Colour : Cream

Consistency : Rich cream

Texture :  Soft cream

Fragrance : sandalwood

Application : Use a small amount on face and neck with upward strokes at night after cleansing and toning

Ingredients: Olive Oil Derivatives 5%, Kasturi Manjal 5%, Sweet Almond Oil 4%, Sev Fruit Ferment Extract 2.5%, Kokum Butter 2.5%, Apricot Kernel Oil 2%, Sandalwood Oil 2%, Cylindrica Root Extract 2%, Vetiver Root Extract 2%, Anantmool 1.5%, Nagkesar 1.5%, Vitamin A 1%

Product Amount : 50g

Packaging : Tub

Shelf Life : 12 months

Price : Around Rs. 1495

Available from :  Forest EssentialsJabong

Final Rating : 4/5


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  • rachna sharma

    this one looks good!

  • Paro

    I wanna get this one! But not sure about the sandalwood smell 😛 Is it too heavy sandalwood smelling?

    • Xuvious

      Not too heavy but there’s a Jasmine one as well if you’d prefer that. :)

      • Paro

        Jasmine sounds lovely, thank you :)

  • adriana m

    it looks very pretty :)

    • Xuvious

      They always have rather nice packaging. :)

  • coralcrue

    Does it strongly smell of sandalwood because I’m crazy for a product that really would :)

    • Xuvious

      Yes! You’ll love it! ^_^

  • Aditi Y

    I am a big fan of Forest Essentials!

    • Xuvious

      When it comes to their creams and lotions yes me too! ^_^

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  • Shruti S

    Never tried Forest Essentials really! Might as well start with something small first..

    • Xuvious

      I actually like the Bath oils more than the moisturizer. But if you like Sandalwood scented stuff then this is pretty good! :)