I thought I’d start my tutorial series with a simple and universally flattering look. the grey smokey eye. This look can be made as minimal as possible or as dramatic as you need it to be.

Along with the pictures, I’ve given detailed intructions below.


What you’ll need :

01. Dark grey and cement (medium) grey like the Dior 5 Couleours palette.

02. Matte Black like Mac Carbon.

03. Black pencil liner like Maybelline Kohl Express.

04. (optional) Black liquid liner like Benefit Magic Black.

05. Black Mascara like Givency Phenomen Eyes

06. Eye Shadow brush.

07. Blending brush.










How to create look :

01. Start by applying concealer in your eye area (if needed) and primer to your lids.

02. Use the eye shadow brush and the medium grey colour. Apply it all over your lids. Try to keep this mainly at the center of the lid and then blend it outwards. Don’t focus on keeping neat edges at this point but don’t let it stretch outside the lid area.

03. Use the darker grey and pat it onto the outer corner. Over here, you can decide how dramatic you want the smokey eye to be. If you want a minimal clean cut look, keep in within the lid area. If you want the smokey eye to extend more upwards or a cat like look, pat it upto the brow bone higher up.

04. Now, you need the blend the two greys to create the “smokey” effect. Blending can be done in two ways. If it’s over a small area, swirl your brush in circles to blend it. If you want to blend is over a large area such as across the length of the lid, you sweep the brush back and forth to blend it. We’ll be using both these techniques. For now, we just want to blend the darker grey  towards the center. Place your brush where the two colours meet and swirl your brush in small circles. Keep a light hand when you do this by holding the handle towards the end. You don’t want to tug and pull the lid too much. After every few swirls, stop and see how you are going. You might need to do it in 3-4 places. Make sure that the blending is uniform and appears like a gradient.

05. Apply a silver white colour to the inner corner (up and down). Extend this along the waterline till mid length of lid.

06. Apply a black or dark grey colour to the outer corner. Use a blending brush and sweep this colour across the lid back and forth. You can make the look as dark as you want. If you go darker, remember to blend again with the medium grey colour. Since I have very deep set eyes, I don’t make my crease very dark; it would hollow out my eyes. So apply the crease colour depending on your eye shape. Darker crease colours are applied to add more depth and dimension. If your crease is more flat, sweep more colour and blend it. If you have deep-set eyes, don’t apply too much .

07. Finally, apply black eye liner on your lashline and waterline. Finish the look with mascara and you’re good to go!

Hope this helped!


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  • Zara

    ooh! Sexy!!

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Thanks Zara! 😀 😀