H2O Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover

Hello folks! It just struck me that some of my most used products rarely make it to my favourites list; like the makeup remover, topcoat etc. Need to remember that for next month!

I will be running out of this soon and I thought I’d better write a review on this soon! I took the photos long back so that you can see the product.

H2o is brand that seems to have flooded all the online shopping sites and this was my first purchase from the brand. The Dual Action eye makeup remover is like any other oil and water remover. I had previously used a similar one from No.7 and found it to be very efficient.

This one is great if you have sensitive eyes. It’s very gentle and you don’t feel a thing around the eye area. I also generally use this to remove other face makeup unless I have too much on (then I use my cleanser). It works well for both.

For mascara you should generally keep the cotton pressed for a second or two and then swipe it off. It comes out more easily. It’s also great for cleaning the lash line which can be hard to remove make up from. I’m very pleased with this!

You do get a slight oily residue from this which you need to wash out after using. It’s not a lot like the No. 7 remover, but it’s still there.

Also, remember to shake up the bottle well before using or you might end up with too much oil.

I know there are make up removers pricer than this but for the amount of 133ml I found Rs. 950 to be a bit much. You can usually get this with Rs. 100 off you hunt for the right deal. I had bought this when it was on sale.

Photos and see it in action below!

h20 makeup remover 1


h20 makeup remover 2


h20 makeup remover 3

Image below : Swatches of lipstick, cream blush, mascara, glitter liners, liquid liner etc

h20 makeup remover 4

Image below : Effect with one swipe

h20 makeup remover 5

Image Below : Effect with 2-3 swipes

h20 makeup remover 6



Name : Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover

Brand : H2O

Colour : Blue

Consistency : Oil+water

Fragrance : none

Skintype : Any. Good for sensitive skin

Product Amount : 133ml

Shelf Life : –

Packaging : Flip open lid and plastic bottle

Price : Rs. 950/-

Available from : HealthKart, MedPlusBeauty, GoodLife, Flipkart

Final Rating : 4/5



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  • http://twitter.com/ArushiKhosla Arushi Khosla

    Definitely a fan because wearing lenses, my eyes tend to be more sensitive than most.Thanks for sharing!

    xo from NY

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Yes, that’s definitely a plus point :)