H&M Nail Polish in Newlyweds

I’ve been a bit busy for the last few days, but I’m getting back in my groove. So much to look forward to this weekend!

Today I’m reviewing a polish that I picked up (rather impulsively) at the checkout line at H&M! I’d never really considered any of their nail polishes before, but I’m really liking this one.

Newlyweds suggests a mushy romantic soft colour. This is a sheer off white polish with pale gold shimmer. It looks so delicate and very dense shimmery on the nails, I really love the colour. It’s quite mild and makes it appropriate for formal occasions as well. The shimmer isn’t very in your face  but really sparkles when it you shine light on it. That said, this doesn’t strike me as a very unique colour in general. I’m sure there are dupes for this.

The polish is thin and spreads evenly, it’s not streaky at all. I haven’t built it up to an opaque finish in the pictures below, I used two coats. You’d need 3-4 for a proper opaque look.

This stays well for 5-6 days but the tipwear is a bit more than usual. Definitely need a topcoat over this.

The packaging is a bit like Butter London polishes but cheaper I guess. The broad cover doesn’t come off and makes this a bit tricky to apply though. You get 9ml of product for around 2.99 pounds or around Rs. 300 which is quite alright.

Photos and swatches below! These were taken 4-5 days after application with no topcoat.

h&m newlyweds nail polish 1

h&m newlyweds nail polish 2

h&m newlyweds nail polish 3

h&m newlyweds nail polish 4

h&m newlyweds nail polish 5




Name: Newlyweds

Brand : H&M

Colour : Pale gold shimmer in a sheer milky base

Product Amount : 9ml

Consistency : Thin sheer polish

Finish : Cream finish with microshimmer

Coats : 4 for opaque

Application : Smooth and even

Durability : 4-5 days

Shelf Life : –

Price : £2.99 ~ Rs. 300

Available at : certain H&M stores (I bought this at Stockholm)

Overall : 4/5



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