So finally, a review of the highly esteemed Inglot XL7. The beauty of those pretty blue glitters is very hard to notice when worn bare (which I like all the same). I’ve used a Filthy Gorgeous black polish named ‘twilight’ as a base.

I’ll talk about XL7 first. It’s pretty much worth the money I think. I haven’t found glitter polish in the exact shades of blue glitter as this, which if you know me at all, you should know that I LOVE blue polishes. The shimmers are blue, light blue and silver kinda mixed in together. The base polish is clear. You need around 1-2 coats to get an even spread of glitter. Of course, it isn’t densely packed. I would suggest drying after every other coat if you are attempting to do so.  It stays on for  a really long time without chipping. Almost the entire week. I’m really impressed and happy with this purchase. The consistency isn’t too thick but it’s not runny either.

Twilight is one of my favourite opaque black polishes. I hate it when black polishes apply on sheer and it looks unfinished. This one is thick and creamy. It gives a nice glossy finish as well. It stays on for 5-6 days before it starts chipping. So can’t really complain.  Its my go to black polish at the moment.

Photos below!








Isn’t it gorgeous?!! <3


Name: XL7

Brand : Inglot

Colour : Transparent base with blue glitter

Product Amount : 15ml

Consistency : Thick.

Finish : Glossy with glitter

Coats : 1-2 coats.

Application : Very smooth.

Durability : 5 days more or less

Shelf Life : 12 months.

Price : Rs. 450.

Available at :

Overall : 5/5




Name: Twilight

Brand : Filthy Gorgeous

Colour : Opaque black.

Product Amount : 10ml

Consistency : Thick and creamy.

Finish : Semi glossy

Coats : 1-2 coats.

Application : Very smooth.

Durability : 5-6  days

Shelf Life : 24 months.

Price : I don’t remember but around Rs.500.

Available at : Debhenems

Overall : 4/5



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  • adriana m

    i want to try inglot too. i hear many great things about the brand.

    • Xuvious

      The eye shadows are a must then! As good as mac and half the price! :)