Jordana Easyliner For Eyes in Denim Blue

I’ve never really used anything from Jordana and I was gifted this eye pencil. Always a good way to try a new brand! ūüėČ

I feel like Jordana is pretty similar to Milani but a bit cheaper. A lot of their products look the same this one is very similar overall to the Milani Easyliners. Ofcourse, the only difference is that this one is only $1.99!

Jordana Easyliner For Eyes in Denim Blue is a dark blue colour. It has a black base and is unlike many other dark blues which are navy and have a green base. I’d also describe it as a sapphire blue. But they do have 3 or 4 more blues in this range if you prefer others!

It’s very creamy and applies with ease, glides smoothly over the lid. very minimal tug and pull. It’s also quite pigmented and you’d rarely need to go over the line twice.

This was hidden in a pile and I haven’t used it much but I plan on using it a lot now since it’s the kind of blue that’s easier to wear.

This needs a while to settle before it comes smudgeproof. It is waterproof to an extent. Also lasts well for around 5 hours after which it starts fading gradually.

You get 0.28g of product for a very shockingly inexpensive $1.99 or around Rs. 120. It’s a retractable pencil (my favourite kind) but overall the packaging isn’t the most sturdy. But at that price I’m not complaining! This is really good to try unusual shades as well.

Photos and swatches!

jordana denim eyeliner 1

jordana denim eyeliner 2

jordana denim eyeliner 3

jordana denim eyeliner 4




Name: Easyliner For Eyes

Brand: Jordana

Colour : Denim Blue

Product Amount : 0.28g

Pigmentation : Heavy

Consistency: very creamy and easy to apply

Finish and Texture : Matte finish

Smudge-proof: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Waterline safe:  No

Durability : Lasts for 4-5 hours

Fall Out : Nope

Shelf Life :  36 months

Price : $1.99 ~ Rs. 120

Available at : CherryCulture, Flipkart (has other shades)

Overall : 4/5


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  • adriana m

    i don’t like this color but its a nice pencil :)