Khuraira Age Control Concealer in Light, Medium and Dark

Hey guys! I’m back from my trip and exhausted but it was so well worth. Each country is beautiful in it’s own way but Norway and St. Petersburg were the ones that stood out the most for me. Both are so breathtakingly beautiful.

I digress; a while back I reviewed the Khuraira Dark Circle Primer and I’ll be reviewing the concealers today. I was sent the only three shades available which are Light, Medium and Dark. All three are yellow based concealers although medium is more neutral and dark is more orange.

None of them are a shade match for me but I mixed and layered them to get a good shade. When you use these you will be taken by how creamy they are! Mind you, I live in a relatively hot climate but I think if you can use Bobbi Brown creamy concealers you will definitely be able to use these. I can also compare the consistency as being similar to Bobbi Brown creamy concealer but these at times feel softer and they are much more pigmented.

This is heavy duty stuff, gives full coverage and can probably cover up tattoos! You can see the swatch where I’ve blended to see how opaque they are. However, they adapt to the texture of the skin and look very natural. If you live in a hot climate these can look a tad bit shiny so you need to powder and set it after applying.

This lasts all day on me. It’s also good for occasions since it stays put and doesn’t flake. I didn’t notice any creasing for majority of the day either. I once wore this for more than 8 hours and it works really well.

This is also marketed as an Age Control concealer since it contains peptides which facilitate cell regeneration. I haven’t discovered any such long term effects yet though.

I also think this will last for a really long time. You need a very tiny bit. This will also work well for covering up marks and spots. I haven’t used this over acne so I’m not sure if it’s safe for that.

There isn’t any strong smell and the packaging is quite handy. Having a mirror would have helped though. This is pricey at $35 and if you have really bad dark circles then this is a good investment. If you can get away with other sheer or medium concealers then there’s no point buying this.

This is my favourite cult product now. :)

Photos and swatches below!

khuraira concealer 1


From left to right : Light, Medium and Dark

khuraira concealer 2

khuraira concealer 3


From left to right : Light, Medium and Dark

khuraira concealer 4

khuraira concealer 5

khuraira concealer 6

khuraira concealer 7


From left to right : Light, Medium and Dark

khuraira concealer 8


khuraira concealer 9



Left : covered my dark circles, Right : natural panda eyes

khuraira concealer 10



Name: Age Control Concealer

Brand : Khuraira

Shades : Light, Medium and Dark

Product Amount : 5g

Coverage : Heavy

Consistency : Very creamy

Finish and Texture : Easy to blend and finishes to matte

Durability : Lasts 8+ hours

Water Resistant : Yes

Fragrance : none

Shelf Life : –

Price : Around Rs 2000 ~ $35

Available at :

Overall : 4/5

All 3 products are PR samples.
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