Korres Holiday in Greece Kit

A while back I purchased this travel size set and I’ve used quite a few times in the past year. Korres is a Greek Pharmacy brand and I do like their skincare and bath products though I haven’t tried a lot before. This set was also a good opportunity to try a bunch of things.

Korres Holiday in Greece Kit comes with a shampoo, 2 showergels, 1 body butter and 1 body milk. I do wish there was a conditioner instead of 2 shower gels though. I’m going to do mini reviews of the contents. I’m also going to keep the containers and reuse them once they are over (except the tubes ofcourse).

Korres Aloe and Dittany Shampoo : It’s a mild and gentle shampoo. I used this a lot when I was in Goa where I definitely needed to wash my hair everyday and it wasn’t too drying or damaging to my hair. I’m not sure what it’ll be like to use regularly but for travelling, I do think it’s alright.

Korres Basil Lemon Showergel : Much like the name you get a nice citrus scent which I personally love when it comes to showergels. It also lathers up well.

Korres Basil Lemon Body Milk : With a similar lemony scent, this a thinner body moisturizer. If you’re in hot and humid climate body butter might be a bit much, this instead feels very soothing. I think it invariably keeps the skin moisturized for maybe 4-6 hours, but again, that also depends on your skin type.

Korres Guava Showergel : I wasn’t too sure if I would be into a Guava scent but I totally am. I love that it’s not a very juicy kind of a fruity scent, it’s more subtle. Performs similarly to the other shower gel.

Korres Guava Body Butter : This is a thicker consistency and feels like any other body butter from TBS or B&BW. I do like the scent, it grew on me and it also keeps you moisturized for a longer period of time.

Overall, the products work really well. I didn’t carry every single one of them but rather depending on where I was going, for I long, I took a few. I really like the packaging, it’s leak proof and very sturdy, especially the lid which are normally the first to break. I’m definitely reusing them.

Korres does a lot of boxed sets, some are travel sized, some aren’t but it’s a good way to try something from the brand if you are interested. Each one contains 40ml of product and this costs £19 (almost Rs. 2000)  on FeelUnique, though as per usual, I did buy this when it was heavily discounted. I think I ended up getting it for £12.

Korres Holiday in Greece Kit 1

Korres Holiday in Greece Kit 2

Korres Holiday in Greece Kit 3

Korres Holiday in Greece Kit 4

Korres Holiday in Greece Kit 5


Name : Holiday in Greece Kit

Brand : Korres

Ingredients : –

Product Amount : 40ml each

Shelf Life : 24 months

Price : £19 ~ Around Rs.2000

Available from :  FeelUnique

Final Rating : 4/5


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