Mac Cosmo Lipstick

You know that feeling when you buy a new lipstick? It’s perfect and you can’t wait to wear it? Somehow it’s even more exciting when you buy a lipstick spontaneously!

I was at the mall, carefully avoiding the Mac store. At the end of my trip I caved in and thought I’d just check out the new collection. I spotted this, swatched it, it was so smooth and creamy, the shade looked good on me. Damage done!

Mac Cosmo is one of the Amplified or Amplified Creme lipsticks which means the formula is very creamy and hydrating. Cosmo does fall in the realm of nude/MLBB shades for Indian skintones. Now you have your brown nudes, mauve nudes, pinky nudes etc. This falls in the pinky nudes category.

It’s a dusty rose pink but it doesn’t have too much brown in it. You know how much I like my neutrals, this is yet another one. I’ve put up a comparison photo below, but it’s lighter and more pink than Mac Fast Play. Bourjois Sweet Kiss Natural in Rose Delicat which I recently reviewed, is a lot warmer and lighter a well. Chanel Mademoiselle has a bit more grey while Cosmo is distinctly more pink. Compared to Mac Mehr which is more mauve, Cosmo is warmer.

The Amplified Creme finish really enhances the colour though. It’s opaque, very creamy and almost glossy like a liquid lipstick. Just one swipe and you get excellent pay off and an opaque layer. It smooths over lines and gives a very even look. The formula is perfect for dry lips.

Since it’s so creamy, it transfers quite easily, that’s the only downside. Once you let it set for a while, you might be able to get through a meal but it will fade considerably. But since it’s so packed with colour, there will still be a layer left. If you really want this to last longer, wear it over a lip pencil and blot it in between layers. Without any of that I can typically get a good 6-8 hours without a meal. If I’m wearing it for the whole day, I generally touch after lunch.

I’m not obsessed with this shade but I rotate it regularly with my neutral bunch of lipsticks. Mac lipstick come with the lovely vanilla fragrance and overall, they are worth the price. It’s sad that they’ve bumped it up to Rs. 1190. :/

Photos and swatches below! Mac Cosmo Lipstick 1

Mac Cosmo Lipstick 2

Mac Cosmo Lipstick 3

Mac Cosmo Lipstick 4

Mac Cosmo Lipstick 5

Mac Cosmo Lipstick 6
Mac Cosmo Lipstick 8

Mac Cosmo Lipstick 9


L-R | Mac – Cosmo | Mac – Fast Play | Bourjois Sweet Kiss Natural – Rose Delicat | Chanel Rouge Coco – Mademoiselle | Lancome Rouge in Love – Rose Rendez-vouz | Rimmel Colour Rush – Not An Illusion | Clinique Chubby Stick Intense – Curviest Caramel



Name: Cosmo (Amplified)

Brand : MAC

Colour : Dusty rose pink

Product Amount : 3.0g

Coverage : Very pigmented

Finish and Texture : Creamy finish and applies very smoothly

Durability : 6-7 hours

Fragrance : Vanilla

Price : Rs. 1190/-

Available at : MAC stores

Overall : 4/5

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