Mac Mocha Lipstick

I’m still reeling from the end of that amazing long weekend. The chase for friday begins! Anyway, back to the review.

Mac Mocha has always been one of those lipsticks which I’ve always wanted but never felt like I needed it. One fine day I was feeling a bit extra spendy and I decided to get it. I’m been loving it since!

Mac Mocha is from the Satin finish range of lipsticks. The colour is like a peachy brown. It’s very much so suitable for olive/Indian skintones and a very nice warm neutral colour. What I like is that isn’t very brown, the peachiness really keeps it from looking very mature and works really well as a nude shade. It belongs to my ‘office appropriate’ group of lipsticks.

There are similar lipsticks out there like Lakme  9 to 5 Coffee Command which is lighter with no peach tone, L’oreal Moist Matte in Maple Mocha which is a darker brown, Maybelline My Mahogany is actually very similar but a tinge lighter and a creamier texture and also Mac Touch which is sheer and a darker brown.

The Mac satin finish lipsticks are typically very pigmented and this one is no different. One swipe is enough to cover your lips. But I feel like it accentuates problem areas and a bit drying for me. It’s not my favourite formula wise but I can forgo it for the colour. It also feels a bit heavy on the lips for me and really hugs the texture of the lips.

The finish looks like a cross between matte and creamy. It doesn’t have a lot of sheen but it’s still creamy.

This lasts really well for 7-8 hours and can survive small meals. It still fades but a lot of the colour is evenly intact.

You get 3g for Rs.1100 ($16 in US) and the packaging looks nice but I so wish they showed the colours outside! It also has the usual vanilla scent which I quite like.

Photos and swatches below!

Mac Lipstick in Mocha 1

Mac Lipstick in Mocha 2

Mac Lipstick in Mocha 3

Mac Lipstick in Mocha 4

Mac Lipstick in Mocha 5

Mac Lipstick in Mocha 6

Mac Lipstick in Mocha 7

Mac Lipstick in Mocha 8

L-R | Mac – Mocha | L’oreal Moist Matte – Maple Mocha | Lakme 9 to 5 – Coffee Command | Mac – Touch | Maybelline Colorsensational – My Mahogany




Name: Mocha (Satin)

Brand : MAC

Colour : Peachy Brown

Product Amount : 3.0g

Coverage : Very pigmented

Finish and Texture : Creamy while applying with a satin finish

Durability : 6-7 hours

Fragrance : Vanilla

Price : Rs. 1190/-

Available at : MAC stores

Overall : 4/5


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