Mac’s Paint Pot are one of the must haves when it comes to make up. You just need which which suits you best. Rubenesque isn’t a colour that looks good on me as it is. But works really well as a primer and base eye shadow.

It’s a peachy gold colour in the bottle. It actually looks more like gold shimmer with a light pink tint when blended. The consistency is like a thin cream eye shadow. It stays on really long, 8 hours or longer.

Eye shadows look really great on top of this. If  its really pigmented, the eye shadows do look brighter and stand out more, especially over darker eye lids. Less pigmented ones do show through it.

The packaging is in a really sturdy glass pot. It’s easy to use.

While applying, I think its better to do it with fingers as the warmth in the fingers makes it easier to apply.

You get a good amount of product with 5g and it lasts a really long time.

Photos and swatches below!





mac rubenesque 1

mac rubenesque 2






Name: Paint Pot

Colour : Rubenesque

Brand: Mac

Product Amount : 5g

Pigmentation : Very pigmented

Consistency: Applies smoothly. Needs to be blended quickly though.

Finish and Texture : Smooth shimmery finish

Fall Out : No fall out.

Smudge-proof: No

Waterproof: Yes

Durability : 8+ hours

Price : Around Rs. 1050

Available at : Mac Stores

Overall : 4/5

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