Mac Prep+Prime Eye Primer in Medium

Mac’s Prep+Prime Eye was the first primer I ever bought. Seeing the state of coloured eye shadows on my very pigmented eye lids made me run for the hills! I stopped till I spotted Mac store and a primer!

That aside, Mac’s Prep+Prime range is a collection of handy products like primers, powders and concealers. The eye primer comes in three shades – light, medium and medium dark. I don’t think medium dark was available when I bought this, so I go medium instead!

The colour, to give you a reference is similar to Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. It’s a warmer light beige colour. It looks very light on my lids but since you are adding eye shadow over it, it doesn’t really matter.

The consistency of this is quite different. It comes between UD’s primer potion and an eye base like Mac’s Paint Pot. It’s extremely creamy, not runny like a liquid. You need a very tiny amount because it’s very easy to spread it. This will last for ages! The application however, doesn’t feel very even. It’s very likely that the base has more primer in some areas because it’s so slippery.

But I can still work with this. One tiny issue I have with this is that it takes a long time to dry. I have to wait a bit before I can start applying eye shadows.

In terms of staying power, this totally does it’s job well. I’ve worn eye shadows all day long with the help of this. I’d say 10 hours is a definite number.

This also makes the eye shadows more intense and brighter. (see swatch) You get 5ml of product for about Rs. 1200. The packaging is sturdy albeit not the most hygienic since you have to dip your finger in the pot each time.

Mac’s Prep+Prime Eye is a good eye primer, but not the best. And considering the price, you can opt for one which is more value for money.

Photos and swatches below!


0901 mac prep prime medium 1


0901 mac prep prime medium 2


0901 mac prep prime medium 3


0901 mac prep prime medium 4

Swatch (L to R) : Primer, Eye shadow with primer, eye shadow without primer.

0901 mac prep prime medium 5

Swatch (L to R) : Primer, Eye shadow with primer, eye shadow without primer.

0901 mac prep prime medium 6




Name: Prep+Prime Eye

Brand : Mac

Colour : Medium

Product Amount : 5g

Coverage : Sheer

Consistency : Creamy and soft

Finish and Texture : dewy but dries to slightly powdery finish

Durability : 10+ hours.

Fragrance : Not noticeable.

Shelf Life : –

Price : $18.50 ~ Rs. 1100

Available at : Mac Stores

Overall : 3.5/5


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