Mac’s Select Moisture Cover Concealer is undoubtedly one of the best in the market and one of my favourites for sure.

Now before I go ahead with the review, I should tell you know that I have a lot of discolouration around my nose and undereye. Coupled with this, I have deep set eyes which makes shadows appear under my eyes. To counter this I generally have a two-step process to apply concealer.

I first apply a darker red based concealer to mask the discolouration and then I use the Select Moisture concealer to balance the colour and bring it to my natural tone.

In this review however, I’m just using the Moisture Cover on its own. But the results are still good. Because I have greenish discolouration, if I use just this my skin tends to look ashy. With the red based concealer underneath, this can be countered. I might at some point do a full post on concealers where I can explain the colour theory behind using the right concealers and all that jazz.

So on with the review!

Mac has a wide range of concealers depending on the coverage and consistency needed. Select Moisture is a liquid concealer that provides light to medium coverage. Using just this is perfect for people with little or medium under eye darkness. It may not be able to hide blemishes. I think with concealer it’s important to go for ones that will suit your needs rather than trying to make one concealer work for all problem areas.

I use concealer in the shade NW35. I would say I fall in the NC35-NC40 range. If you have an NC skintone, using a NW concealer with counter the darkness. And vice versa.

The concealer lasts all day. About 8 hours which is really good. It doesn’t disintegrate, flake or settle into lines. You need to set it with powder and then it stays put all day.

I use this by applying dots over the area and then tapping it lightly to blend it. Concealers or even foundation for that matter blend easily when they are warm, hence it’s easier to apply it with fingers. You can also take some out on a palette and keeping swirling it to just heat it up a bit and then apply with a brush if you prefer that.

I have dry skin and hence it works perfectly. If you have oily skin, It’d still suggest using this but setting it properly with powder if you want a matte look.

At Rs. 990 it’s a bit expensive but this lasts for a good few months and works really well.


Photo : In direct sunlight.


Photo : Indoors, natural lighting.


Photo : Shade and doe foot applicator


Photo: Before concealer. Discolouration on side of nose and below the eye.


Photo : After applying concealer (with flash) You can notice the parts where the veins are concealed appear a bit grey. Hence it’s important to use a salmon or red based concealer first if you have a lot of discolouration particularly if you have deep skin tones.




Name: Select Moisture Cover Concealer

Brand : Mac

Colour : NW35

Product Amount : 5 ml

Coverage : Light to Medium

Consistency : Liquid

Finish and Texture : Smooth and well blended. No powdery residue.

Durability : Lasts all day. My guess is 8-9 hours.

Fragrance : Vanilla-ish

Shelf Life : 6 months

Price : Rs.990

Available at : Mac Stores

Overall : 5/5

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