Mac Superglass in Fab Frenzy

This is a post about how excitement induced by the sight of glitter, can overcome logic and reason. You’ll have to see the photos to know what I mean.

I first came across the Superglass collection on Temptalia’s site.  And it was like love at first sight. I remembered seeing these on StrawberryNet and so I lurched for them! It was on discount, I took it as a sign from the universe and bought it promptly in the shades Fab Frenzy and Totally Bang!

Now that the story’s ended, let me rave about this lip gloss a little more.

This is not the best lip gloss in terms of consistency and there are some parts of the finish that I do not like. But, I haven’t come across anything like it! It looks very pretty indeed!

The Superglass lip glosses are pigmented lip glosses although they are not opaque. They are filled with microshimmer, glitter and iridescent flakies. Yes, all in the order. It looks really beautiful and the gloss has so much depth.

Fab Frenzy is a deep plum colour. It’s more of a pink undertoned plum rather than a blue one. It has gold and fuchsia shimmer along with flakies that are a combination of gold, purple and pink. You can see that they are change colours based on the lighting. It’s incredibly gorgeous.

For a gloss like this, it’s thicker than usual but not sticky or gloopy. It just feels heavier on the lip and while applying. I find that while it’s pigmented, it’s not opaque and can look uneven at times. With the glitter and flakes, achieving an even look can be quite a task! Also, the particles are not heavy or rough. You don’t feel them per se, but the gloss just feels a tad bit heavy. The flakies however, stay out and don’t move around at all.

The packaging is sturdy and I like the hexagonal bottle. The brush is a flat applicator and small enough to work around the corners as well.

My only beef with this is the slight unevenness and the thicker feel which some people might find uncomfortable. Other than that, I’m so pleased with this purchase. I don’t have anything like it!

This stays on for about 5 hours and then fades. While fading it just appears like a bit of a glossy stain. These come with a bit more quantity than the Dazzleglass, 4.4ml for around Rs. 980.

Photos and swatches below!


mac superglass fab frenzy 1

mac superglass fab frenzy 2

mac superglass fab frenzy 3


The photo below is taken with flash.

mac superglass fab frenzy 4


Another one! It’s sooo pretty!!

mac superglass fab frenzy 5

mac superglass fab frenzy 6

mac superglass fab frenzy 7


Both photos below are taken indoors.

mac superglass fab frenzy 8

mac superglass fab frenzy 9


The swatch below is with flash.

mac superglass fab frenzy 10


The swatch below is without flash.

mac superglass fab frenzy 11




Name: Superglass

Brand : Mac

Colour : Fab Frenzy

Product Amount : 4.4ml

Pigmentation : Sheer coverage

Consistency : Thick gloss but not sticky

Finish and Texture : Very glossy finish with shimmer, glitter and flakes.

Durability : Lasts 5 hours.

Fragrance : Vanilla

Price : $18 ~ Rs. 980

Available at : StrawberryNet, Mac Stores etc

Overall : 4/5

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  • adriana m

    it’s so freaking amazing, the colors and all. really pretty

    • Xuvious

      I know… it looks so amazing! This + Chanel Taboo is a dream come true for me :)

  • Krystle Kouture

    Love that sparkle, but purples tend to not look good on me at all

    • Xuvious

      It’s tricky to use this. Too much and it ends up looking too vampy!

  • mallika

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