Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

It’s not often I get to review a hair mask. Mostly because it takes me so long to use one up! I’m very irregular with my use of hair masks which amount to 2-3 times a month!

But lo and behold, I have for you today, Macadamia Deep Repair Masque! I bought this long time ago from FeelUnique. As a rule, I only buy from there when there’s a good discount and it was one such occasion.

I’ve previously used the Moroccan Oil Hair Restorative Mask, so you’ll see a bit of comparison as well. If you don’t know, this hair mask is basically a deep conditioner, or a more intense and potent version of your regular conditioner meant to induce moisture in your hair and make it soft. I generally shampoo as usual and use this instead of a conditioner, play around for 10 minutes, and then rinse it off.

This mask is in a beige caramel like colour. Now I know most deep conditioning masks will be heavy, but I found the consistency of this to be quite thick! It’s a creamy paste and a lot thicker than the Moroccan Oil one.

I have fine hair and if I use too much it does weigh down my hair quite a bit! With the right amount used, my hair is basically tangle free, very shiny and smooth to touch. This lasts for 3-4 days and my hair just feel incredibly soft. My ends are dry and they feel a lot smoother as well! When it comes to keeping your hair soft and moisturized, this does an excellent job.

I feel like this also tames the frizz and my hair is a lot more straight even when dried naturally. Plus it smells amazing all day! This has a very fruity scent which isn’t overbearing. Ingredients wise this contains Macadamia and Argan oil along with tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe etc.

The packaging is nice sturdy plastic tub. You get 250ml of product which sounds quite regular but trust me, this will last you for a very very long time. Easily crossing 6 months. Of course, the Rs. 3000 price tag is a bit too pricey.

I won’t be repurchasing this as I feel I will find a similar inexpensive product. Overall, this works well but you don’t need to go out of your way to get it. There are effective and cheaper ones available now like Tresemme, Kerastase, L’oreal etc . You can also find Moroccan Oil more easily now in some salons including Lakme if you want to splurge a bit.

Photos below!

macadamia deep repair masque 1

macadamia deep repair masque 2

macadamia deep repair masque 3

macadamia deep repair masque 4




Name : Hair Restorative Mask

Brand : Moroccan Oil

Consistency : Thick paste

Fragrance : Fruity and floral

Hairtype : For dry and damaged hair

Ingredients : Mainly Macadamia oil and Argan oil along with others.

Product Amount : 250ml

Packaging : Tub with lid

Shelf Life : 12 months

Price :  £22.90 ~ Rs. 3000

Available from : FeelUnique

Final Rating : 4/5


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  • nausheen

    This sounds great and i am loving the packaing color :)

    great review dear

    • Xuvious

      It bit pricey, but yea, I like it a lot! :)

  • theknotstory

    Sounds great! I would love to try them. Lovely packing :)

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