March 2012 Favourites

It’s the time of the month! I mean, to err… talk about my favourites! The products mentioned below are not only the most used this month but also what I would reach out for the most on occasion. Onto the list! But a pretty picture first.


01. Concealer : MAC : Moisture Select Concealer : NW35

I have panda eyes. Although, that doesn’t make me look cute! To be very honest, if I completely cover them with heavy concealer, it just looks really unnatural. I think that to look a bit natural, some unevenness should be there, and not a plain mannequin. Just a tinsy bit. Moisture Select is what I started using this month. It’s not creamy and yet it stays on so well. I lasts for 8 hours at the very least and it’s my preferred concealer in my routine.

02. Nail Polish : Zoya : Amminah

I recently hauled this nail polish. It’s a sheer while polish with a lilac sheen. It makes my nails look radiant!

03. Blush : Nars : Douceur

It’s dusky pink blush which you could also use for contouring. I like how it adds depth and dimension to the cheek. The colour is really lovely. See my detailed review and swatches above.

04. Perfume : Dior : J’adore

I found myself going for this perfume more than others this month. You just feel so luxe when you spirtz this! I can’t describe the exact fragrance well. But if you were going on a date or important occasion, you would choose this!!

05. Eye Shadow : Urban Decay : Naked Palette : Buck

I hold this palette very dearly!! It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! I will gush about the palette when I review it but for now, let’s talk about buck. It’s a soft brown shade which is more yellow than grey. It is slightly taupe as well. It has yellow which is why its almost a perfect match for my eye lids. It evens it out and makes a solid base for eye looks. It goes on really smooth, the pay off is good. Lasts all day and has minimal fall out.

Another image of this –

06. Shampoo : John Frieda : Frizz Ease Hydrating Shampoo

I’ve been using this shampoo for almost 2 months how and its made my hair really soft and healthy. I would definitely purchase this again. I’ve reviewed this in detail as well (linked above).

07. Moisturizer : Neutrogena : Oil-Free Moisture : Combination Skin

This is my everyday face cream for summers. It’s consistency is thin. It has a non-greasy and oil free formula. It leaves the face hydrated and dewy. I have to say though, depending on how dry your skin is, it might fade easily. For me this lasts well for 6 hours. I tend to reapply this once in a day.

Please share your favourites and what you’ve been using the most this month!

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  • zara

    Ahhh!!! i luv everything! btw Xu, which do u think is better in MAC concealors? moisture select or d studio fix one?

    • Xuvious

      I only own a studio sculpt and moisture select. Do you mean Studio sculpt or studio finish? Those are creamy ones and select is liquid. I actually like moisture select more. It looks really natural and no lines. Studio can look cakey if not blended properly. I actually use both in combination; first sculpt and then select.
      But if you have less discolouration then select is better :)

      • Zara

        Oh..ok..thanx for explaining…I was wondering for quite a while wot d diff was… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anamikasureka

    i love the UD shade….need it so badly

    • Xuvious

      Me too!! I’m actually trying to find a good single shadow dupe for it, so that I can carry it with me.
      That or Sephora needs to open up asap! ๐Ÿ˜‰