This a montly post that I’ll be doing where I collate what I want to read this month. I’ll also includes links to stuff on the internet that interested me. Its a good way to have links and places I like in a centralized way.

Hope you find something you like!


My Instagram of the Month

Taken at a hill at sunset.


Books to Read

01. Mustaine by Dave Mustaine

Megadeth fans? It took me long to find it and I finally have it! This month I want to try and read this.

It’s an autobiography by Dave Mustaine about this rehab stories, the whole Metallica thing and his other experiences. I’m very much looking forward to this!

02. The Secret Pilgrim by John le Carre

Yes, there is certainly a trend here. I’m on a roll when it comes to Le Carre’s books and this is my next one. I find them all so fascinating!


Link Love – Beauty & Fashion

01. Oh No It’s You Again – I like discovering new (new for me) fashion/beauty blogs. This month I came across this blog by Deniz who is a graphic designer from London. From previous posts its noticeable that she has a very collected taste in all things vintage. Lately, its been changing and its interesting to see that. She also has a youTube channel called denizandmakeup.

02. EssieButton – I’m a huge youtube lurker. Through Deniz I also found Essiebutton. Very bubbly person, fun to watch. Her youtube channel.

03. Cherry Culture – This is obviously not new but I hadn’t visited this for months. I’ve been recently window shopping there a lot. I want Milani, NYX, Eyeko and Sinful Colours. I’m eager to try out the latter. They also have sales going on in some of them.

04. GlossyBox India – They’ve been going on about a box for a really long time. It was supposed to be launched in March but now its delayed. But I’m EAGERLY waiting.


Link Love – Tech

01. Angry Birds Space – Have you got it yet? I’m addicted to this!! I like the new looks of the birds and the craziness that zero gravity play brings with it! Get it on your Chrome browser, its free!

02. Flux Slider – This is a jQuery CSS3 silder that has tons of transition options. Its great for landing pages, online slideshows and galleries. Its also very easy to use. A must for web devs.

03. James Fairhurst – This blog has great CakePHP tutorials. Found them very concise, easy yet tackling major hurdles. This 10 part atricle on a complete CakePHP article is a must read. Sometimes you need to understand how an application works from start to finish. This is especially true if you are new to an MVC framework.


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