I had a crazy May. It was quite hectic and exciting at work. But it didn’t leave me time to pursue some other hobbies. I also had my room furniture redone this month. Everything is well organized and no more a gigantic mess!! Although I hope it stays that way for long….

Intsagram of the Month


Book to Read

I actually didn’t read anything new this month. I finished the Dave Mustaine book. I’ll do a book review on it soon.

One day I was bored and waiting so I was reading Harry Potter. Feels very nostalgic.


Link Love – Beauty & Fashion

1. Online shopping at Flipkart – I wasn’t aware of this until very recently but Flipcart has started carrying makeup and skincare products as well! So shop away!

2. Truth about Shampoo – This is a series of videos on You Tube. There are 8 in total. It’s like a lecture being given in college by a manufacturer for haircare products. It’s quite interesting to know how things work from the business end and the real difference in quality and its real worth.


Link Love – Tech

1. Cats Who Code – I was looking for some wordpress plugins when I came across this. Sometimes you just need to know the best options and then try out a bunch of stuff so you know the most suitable solution. I like their list articles. It saves some googling time.

2. Never Mind the Bullets – They work on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 to come up with beautiful stuff. Their comic experience is cutting edge and we’ll be seeing a lot more of that soon. I just wish all browsers catch up to that soon. Browser compatibility is a bitch.

3. Parallax using just Html and CSS – It’s by Roman Cortes. That must have been a  lot of work but that its very close to a 3D effect.



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