May 2013 Magazine Mayhem

May comes to an end and I’m so looking forward to June as I’ll mostly be travelling then! ^_^

This month a lot of the covers had taken inspiration from the Great Gatsby and the 20’s. Btw, I loved the movie and the art direction. It was just brilliant and heart breaking.


may 2013 magazine mayhem xuvious 1 may 2013 magazine mayhem xuvious 2 may 2013 magazine mayhem xuvious 3



Harper’s Bazaar India really did well this time with Sana Khan on the cover in a pretty pastel blue.

Miley Cyrus in her V cover looks very unlike her usual self but still asserts well.

Watching Emma Watson grow feels incredibly weird because I’m so used to Hermoine Granger. But she’s amazing in Bling Ring and her GQ is just that.

Jennifer Lawrence is so adorable in her Tatler cover.

Carey Mulligan and Karlie Kloss look smashing in their respective Vogue covers.

I also like the W cover and Kate Hudon in Elle.


Did you catch up to any magazines this month? I mostly read Vogue, New Yorker, Caravan etc.

Btw, I’ll be on hiatus till 17th June. Posts are scheduled. Love you all! xx

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  • heena

    Vidya Balan looks so wow on that cover!

    And, kudos for this hard work 😀

    • Xuvious

      Thanks Heena, that’s so sweet of you. :)
      She does!