Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick in Fawn

I recently received the Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick and was quite excited to try it out. See, I’ve been very comfortable in my tinted moisturizer zone. A lot of BB creams have SPF which leave an ashy or white overcast which I don’t like. So, I haven’t been very keen to try them on. Also, I wasn’t very impressed with the shade range until brands like Maybelline and L’oreal brought more Indian compatible shades into the market. So in a gist, yes, this is my first BB product! And I am excited!

I had done a lot of BB cream research before; it’s meant to have certain “healing” or “non-irritant” properties such as evening out the skin tone, clearing up acne and just making the skin more healthy. The BB cream did originally come from medicine used for recovering plastic surgery patients. It’s the story of how a closeted medicine suddenly became mainstream!

So anyway, the Maybelline BB Cream came with a bit of shine to it and a lot of oily skinned people or those who lived in hot and humid climates (which means all of us) felt like it was just too much shine! So Maybelline came up with the stick version, which is supposed to reduce shine and give a matte finish!

The Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick claims the following –

Flawless, radiant skin + 12hr shine control + 8 benefits in just 1 step!

1. Mineral clay formula guarantees 12hr shine control.

2. Contains Salicylic acid to manage combination & oily skin.

3. Provides a soft, matte and radiant finish.

4. Sweat-resistant and sebum – resistant formula leaves skin fresh all day.

5. Hides appearance of pores & imperfection.

6. Contains SPF 21/PA+++ that protects skin from sun damage.

7. Instantly evens skin tone.

8. Provides a power-light feel on skin.

Check it here:


Let’s see how it sizes up shall we? To start off, the BB Stick comes in two shades Radiance (fair one) and Fawn (medium tan). I  don’t know if they’ll be releasing more shades in the future, but they really need to. Fortunately, the shade Fawn is perfect for my NC35-NC40 skintone. But I can see that it would be very unsuitable for a darker skintone due to the SPF and resulting ashiness.

It contains SPF 21/PA +++. What is this PA+++ you ask? This is a good article explaining the two. Basically, SPF is the rating given for UVB rays protection and PA for UVA rays protection with the rating going from + (lowest) to +++ (highest).

The BB stick isn’t too ashy on my skin. I tend to not use this too much near my jawline because that is where it tends to look ashy for me. But the rest of my face looks pretty good. I wore this generally in the day, so I’m quite happy with it having SPF.

The consistency might look very hard and stiff from far but this comes out as very creamy. It isn’t runny or too thick, I would say it’s quite opaque but it just blends so well that it leaves a nice sheer layer. It’s buildable so you can get upto medium coverage but I feel it could look cakey.

I have very dry skin and this works well for me only if my face is well moisturized. You could end up getting dry patches over a few hours if you wore this without moisturising. I think this is perfect for people with oily/combination skin!

You apply this by swiping it over your face and blending it with your hands. I say you ought to use your hands because the warm makes it easier to blend. I don’t think this would turn out that well with a brush but a sponge or beauty blender might also work well. I generally use short strokes over my forehead, cheeks, undereye, nose and mouth. I start blending it from top to bottom in circles with my hands.

This is actually really good to use for concealing as well. It won’t cover up heavy discolouration but mild unevenness or redness, certainly! It worked really well on my undereye area and around the mouth to even it out. I also have dense but small pores and it covered them quite well.

The finish is certainly more towards matte. They got rid of the shine alright! It’s more semi matte if you are going for sheer coverage. Thats looks more natural though. I love how it looks, it’s powdery at all. I didn’t even need to set it. I just put it on and was ready to go!

This doesn’t really last for 12 hours though. 5 or 6 at the max and it starts fading after the 6 hour mark. For day wear I think it’s excellent. If you were to wear it at office, you’d only need to touch up a bit once. But being used to sheer coverage, that’s a pretty good lasting power. If you wear it for an extended period of time and your skin becomes dry, it can get patchy so really make sure you know when you ought to wear it.

At this point I can’t really comment on acne because it needs to be used for atleast a month before I can try to analyze that. I might update this post if I find any changes on that front. The packaging is cute! It’s easy to travel with and doesn’t feel flimsy.

I think this is really good value for money and a good face product to invest it! Just make sure it works well with your skintone; try it at the counter. You get 12g of product for Rs. 250 which is pretty good!

Photos and swatches below! All taken indoors in natural light.


06-03 maybelline bb stick 1


06-03 maybelline bb stick 2



06-03 maybelline bb stick 4



Swipe on left, blended on right.


06-03 maybelline bb stick 5


Swipe on left, blended on right.


06-03 maybelline bb stick 6


06-03 maybelline bb stick 7




Name: Clear Glow BB Stick

Brand : Maybelline

Colour : Medium

Product Amount : 12g

Coverage : Sheer – Medium

Skin Type : Oily or Normal. Moisturize well if you have dry skin.

Consistency : Creamy but thick

Finish and Texture : Semi-matte finish, still quite natural

Durability : 5-6 hours

SPF : 21/PA+++

Fragrance : Not noticeable.

Shelf Life : 12 months

Price : Rs. 250

Available at : MedPlusBeauty, VioletBag, Flipkart

Overall : 4/5


Disclaimer – Product is a sample provided by the brand. The review is 100% honest. You can read my disclosure policy in detail here
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