Models Own Duo Eyeshadow in Summers Day

I thought I’d review this since it still seems to be on the market on some websites. On the official Models Own site, this product isn’t mentioned so I think it’s discontinued.

The Duo eyeshadow contains two glitter eye shadows. The Summers Day one has a lilac shade and a minty green or seas green shade, both with silver glitter. I will discuss the shades individually.

Lilac : This is a really pretty colour and quite pigmented. I find the glitter a bit rough and it gets all over the place. The fallout is immense and the only way to curb it to use a good eye shadow base or primer.

Mint Green – It’s a light bluish green with silver shimmer. fallout wise it’s similar to the lilac shade, it does travel a lot.

These are gorgeous colours but the quality just isn’t as good. Aside from the fallout issue, the eye shadows by themselves don’t stay on for more than 4-5 hours. They gradually fade and leave the shimmer. It isn’t very pigmented  so you generally need a bit more if you’re looking for proper coverage.

The application isn’t very smooth. It’s best to apply with patting it on the lid, they tug you lids a lot when you try to sweep it across. They do crease a bit over time and as I mentioned before, the glitter tends to travel a bit.

The packaging is good actually. Mine, I’ve handled them quite roughly which resulted in the eyeshadow breaking up in places. It’s a bit of a mess to use them now though.

The duos are very cheap and you can work with them along with other eye shadows. Since these are not shades you’d wear everyday, you can use them for party looks.

Photos and swatches below!








Name: Duo Eyeshadow

Colour : Summers Day

Brand:  Models Own

Product Amount : 3g

Pigmentation : Medium. Better with a primer.

Consistency: Glides very easily. Packs on a lot of colour.

Finish and Texture : Shimmer finish

Fall Out : Quite a bit

Smudge-proof: No

Waterproof: No

Durability : 4-5 hours

Shelf Life : 13 months

Price : £5 ~ Rs. 400

Available at : Asos

Overall : 3/5


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