Models Own Lipgloss in Violet Cream

So around last year, there was a fabulous ASOS  sale going on and I also has a student’s discount at the time. I bought the Model’s Own Loose Powder eye shadow and spotted this pretty lip gloss for a very neat price. It was impulsive and a good example of why impulsive buys don’t always work out for the best…

Model’s Own lip gloss in the shade Violet Cream is a very cool toned pink gloss with blue, pink and silver microshimmer. It’s a light pink with a violet sheen. It’s very sheer, almost like a transparent shimmery lippy with just a hint of a pink tint! So I’m quite disappointed with it. I can layer this over other lipsticks but eventually it only looks like a transparent glossy one.

The consistency of this gloss is quite thick. It feels a bit sticky and heavy when worn. I think it needs to be applied with care to avoid uneven coverage or gloss spilling over. I generally only put it on the center of my lips and then spread it outwards.

You can tell by the photos that it’s appearance largely depends on what the colour underneath is. I think this gloss being sheer would look good when you want to tone don a bright, or add colour to a nude lipstick. For a light tin glossy effect you can just wear it over the lips too.

While I love the colour, I’m very dissatisfied with it’s wear time and quality. It lasts about 2-3 hours and just vanishes. There can be some residue of the shimmer though. It’s doesn’t dry up or break up but just sort of dies down. In addition to feeling heavy, it can feel sticky at times. But for the price, it’s and to complain. But there are other lip glosses in a similar price range that outperform this one.

Photos and swatches below!







Name: Lipgloss

Brand : Models Own

Colour : Violet Cream

Product Amount : 15ml

Pigmentation : Sheer with shimmer

Finish and Texture : Glossy finish with loads of microshimmer

Durability : Lasts around 2-3 hours.

Fragrance : not discernible

Sun Protection : nope

Shelf Life : 12 months

Price : I think around £5

Available at :

Overall : 2/5

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