Models Own Nail Polish in Fluro’ Orange

If you like neon, I think this is the brightest money can buy you. It will burn your eyes, I kid you not.

Models Own is a really good quality polishes. Fluro’ Orange comes from it’s neon range. It’s a true orange as I like to call it and very bright. The polish is creamy with a slightly thin consistency. You could say it’s medium. It applies really well. There’s no streakiness, no unevenness.

I’m not too fond of the finish though. There is absolutely no shine. The finish makes it look very basic and lightly dull. I always wear a topcoat but I do like polished where I don’t need to. You definitely need one with this.

The packaging is very bold. I like it! But it’s large and a bit of a pain to store. You get a lot of product as well with 14ml. The brush is medium in width and easy to work with.

It’s difficult to find Models Own in India or a site that ships them to India. eBay would be your best bet.

On photos and swatches.




The photo below is taken with flash. Crazy how the gradient shows up, right?






Name:  Fluro’ Orange

Brand : Models Own

Colour : Neon orange

Product Amount : 14 ml

Consistency : Creamy

Finish : Almost matte finish. You definitely need a good topcoat.

Coats : 1-2 coats to turn opaque

Application : Very even

Durability : About 6-7 days. I’m impressed!

Shelf Life : 12 months

Price : £5 ~ Rs. 400

Available at : ,

Overall : 4/5

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