Moroccan Oil Hair Restorative Mask

About a year back my hair was awfully dry and in a dreadful state. I really felt the need to use a hair mask or something to keep it well conditioned and soft.

I did a lot of research and I finally caved in and bought Moroccan Oil Hair Restorative Mask. It’s a pretty big tub and lasts for quite a while, depending on your frequency of use.

I generally use this once or twice a month, that’s how often I can remember/spare time to have this on. So on a regular basis, you put this on your hair instead of your regular conditioner after shampooing. You let it stay for  a good 10 minutes and then rinse it off. Your hair feels a bit heavy but really moisturized. It’s not the type that just acts like a detangler and gives shine for a while. Your hair overtime is visibly in better shape. I have very fine hair and gets damaged quite easily so I’ve seen my driest bits, the ends in particular become very soft overtime.

The consistency is emulsion like. It like a white paste but it’s very light and non sticky. It tends to clump a bit and you need to massage it well to apply it across evenly.

This smells heavenly! It’s not a strong overpowering fragrance, which I quite like. It has a woody and mild argan oil like fragrance. It’s delicate and leaves a nice overall aroma.

I love the way my hair feels after I’ve out this on. I use this a lot of the ends and mid length of my hair. My roots are quite oily so I don’t feel the need to use it heavily over that area. It doesn’t contain silicone so it probably won’t make your hair glossy and all that. But if your hair tends nourishment, is plus hair oil as a therapy is a good regime.

I generally don’t like screw lids for bath products because your hands are wet or soapy and it’s difficult to use! But this on is alright. The plastic tub is sturdy a has a textured body which is good for grip.

Photos below!






Name : Hair Restorative Mask

Brand : Moroccan Oil

Consistency : Emulsion like cream

Fragrance : Woody and gentle.

Hairtype : All types

Product Amount : 250ml

Packaging : Tub with lid

Shelf Life : 12 months

Price : Around Rs. 3000

Available from :

Final Rating : 4/5


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