Nails Inc Belgrave Place Nail Polish

Anytime I hit Wednesday on the calender, I start praying for the days to go faster so that the weekend will come sooner! Well, I’ve been doing that and testing out some old polishes from my stash for reviews! My dust bin is a mess of cotton balls!

Nails Inc Belgrave Place is a really pretty blurple which was a launchpad for my mania with blue and purple nail polishes. It’s incredibly hard to describe the exact tone. It’s more violet than blue for sure and in light it will seem strongly like one but there are times when it’s that indigo shade as well.

The consistency of this is very thin but it is gel like. I think the formula is very similar to Colorbar Apple Martini. So while it’s sheer, it applies evenly and with the 2nd coat you get an opaque finish. It also dries pretty quickly and doesn’t gather on the sides or bubble. I haven’t used any other nails inc (other than sprinkles) polishes, so I can’t comment on whether all of them are like this. But yes, inspite of it being sheer, the end look is an evenly applied polish!

I don’t like the finish of this so much. You can see in the swatches it has shine but it’s not really glossy. It looks way better with a topcoat on.

This lasted on me for around 4 days and there was some chipping on the sides and minor tip wear. But I would attribute it to stubborn lids on boxes that won’t open. In a nutshell, it’s decent.

The packaging is a sturdy glass bottle with a steel lid. The brush is of medium width.

You get around 10ml for a whopping 11 pounds. I think that’s too pricey. Unless they have a really special polish, I won’t be buying them. There are better dupes for this like Bourjois Bleu Violet.

Photos and swatches below!

nails inc belgrave place nail polish 1

nails inc belgrave place nail polish 2

nails inc belgrave place nail polish 3

nails inc belgrave place nail polish 4


nails inc belgrave place nail polish 5

nails inc belgrave place nail polish 6

nails inc belgrave place nail polish 7

nails inc belgrave place nail polish 8



Name: Belgrave Place

Brand : Nails Inc

Colour : Bright Purple-Blue tone

Product Amount : 9.7ml

Consistency : Thin

Finish : shine but very poor

Coats : 2-3 coats.

Application : it’s sheer but still applies very evenly

Durability : 4-5 days

Shelf Life : –

Price : £11.00 ~ Rs. 900

Available at : Sephora, Asos

Overall : 4/5


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  • adriana m

    i like the color. :)
    not tried this brand before…

  • Krystle Kouture

    I’ve never heard of nails inc either. I’m not a big purple fan, but really want to check out their sprinkles polishes. Sounds intriguing!

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