Nails Inc Special Effects Sprinkles Nail Polish in Sweets Way

The word sprinkles just makes me feel happy. Over cakes, over cupcakes, over ice cream. Heck, I’d just sell icing and sprinkles if I ever opened a shop! That’s pretty much what this nail polish feels like. Your nails looks like they’re covered in sprinkles and you just want to eat them!

This isn’t the most mature nail polish, I’ll admit that. But it’s cute nonetheless. Nails Inc Special Effects Sprinkles is a range of glittery polishes. Although “sprinkles” might lead you to believe that it’s chunky or 3d, it’s not, just round shaped glitter unlike caviar nails which are tiny tiny sprinkle like balls.

The shade Sweets Way is a mix of light blue, baby pink and silver glitter, all dispersed in equal measure in a sheer white cream base. The base looks very milky and I think adds to the cuteness of it. The glitter is a bit metallic and reflective, will appear darker or lighter depending on where the light hits.

It’s not something I usually wear on my nails, although sometimes I might apply just one coat over a pastel shade. It’s sheer but the glitter is dense and spreads evenly. You’d need 3 coats to get a opaque finish.

I also like the consistency a lot. It’s thin which makes the glitter easy to move around as needed but it doesn’t slide off to the sides. It also lasts well for 5 days. Quality wise I’m quite happy with it!

The brush is narrow but still alright for a glitter polish. Packaging is alright, the cap at times feels a bit flimsy though.

You get 9.7ml for around $9.5. You can frequently find this on sale at Sephora or Asos. Not available at the  Sephora India yet though!


Photos and swatches!

Nails Inc Sweets Way nail polish 1

Nails Inc Sweets Way nail polish 2

Nails Inc Sweets Way nail polish 3

Nails Inc Sweets Way nail polish 4

Nails Inc Sweets Way nail polish 5

Nails Inc Sweets Way nail polish 6

Nails Inc Sweets Way nail polish 7




Name: Sweets Way

Brand : Nails Inc

Colour : Light blue, baby pink and white glitter in a sheer white base

Product Amount : 9.7ml

Consistency : Thin

Finish : You need a topcoat over this for sure

Coats : 3-4 coats for completely opaque look

Application : it’s sheer but  applies very evenly

Durability : 4-5 days

Shelf Life : –

Price : $9.50 ~ £11.00 ~ Rs. 900

Available at : Sephora, Asos

Overall : 4/5


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