Nars Blush in Taj Mahal

You know I have a soft spot for Nars blushes, but this one is actually my least used blush.

I bought this when, like everyone else, I was having an orange phase. This seemed like the perfect blush for it. Nars Blush in Taj Mahal is a powder blush in orange with gold shimmer. When you blend it, you can really spot a nice gold sheen across it. It’s more of a yellowy-orange than a reddish one. I do really like the colour, it can seem too much for a neutral everyday look but if you apply a sheer layer, it can look great! It really warms your complexion.

This is so so pigmented, it’s difficult to use. I mean that says more about me, rather than being the fault of a product. In general I like sheer blushes and this one threw me off my game. The first time I used this, I looked like a clown with orange cheeks. I had to learn how little product I really needed. That said, this is good option for darker skinned ladies, it’s warm and the gold sheen looks amazing!

The Nars blushes I’m used to like Douceur, Lovejoy, Deep Throat etc are sheer and buildable which is so different from this blush. You have to be so careful to not get too much onto your brush, it’s that pigmented! I literally just lightly dip my brush into this, and I get enough product for a sheer wash on both cheeks!

The quality is amazing as well, it’s very soft and blends very easily. The shimmer is really fine and appears more as a sheen across your cheeks.

I feel like this lasts better than others I mentioned before too. When worn in the morning, I can see traces of this at night. Wears a bit beyond 7-8 hours, that’s impressive! With the tiny amount needed, this is one product I might never run out off. And now that summer is here, I’m hoping I’ll use this more often!

I hate the Nras packaging, it just gathers so much dust but this one is relatively cleaner due to my lack of use and less fallout from the product! This costs $30 now, around Rs. 1800 and you get 4.8g of product.

Photos and swatches!

nars blush taj mahal 1

nars blush taj mahal 2

nars blush taj mahal 3

nars blush taj mahal 4


nars blush taj mahal 6

swatched on the left, blended on the right

nars blush taj mahal 7





Name: Taj Mahal

Colour : Orange with gold shimmer

Product Amount : 4.8g

Pigmentation : Heavy

Finish and Texture : Satin like with gold shimmer and sheen

Durability : 6-7 hours

Fragrance : Pleasant but it isn’t really apparent.

Shelf Life : 24 months

Price : $30 ~ Rs. 1800

Available at :, Nordstrom

Overall : 5/5

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